Monday, December 8, 2014

H.I.T. Videos by the Skys

Hi Everyone!

      In the last post I let you all know about our new 3 Minute Game Changer series. We have just completed our second video however we have made a change to the title calling them The Sky's  H.I.T. Videos   Standing for - Humor In Truth. God has given us a lot of simple yet important lessons and has really been directing us in different ways of getting them out to people.

     Also in the beginning of the new year we are going to be launching into radio here in the maritimes and by God's help, quickly expanding throughout New England and everywhere else that God makes a way for. It will be a half hour show once a week. If you have a local radio station that you think would also like to be involved with this just let me know. I will post the messages in audio here for all of you as they start coming out.

     Keep us in prayer as we press forward in the service of our wonderful Savior!

               God bless!

Episode 2 -  Reality Check

Episode 1 -  Jesus Came To Save Us From What?!

Extra Bits and Bloopers from episode 2