I have recently completed a new version of my father's book, "Through The Narrow Gate" that is formatted for the Kindle e-reader. If you don't have the Kindle you can get the Kindle app for iPad  for free which is what I use. For a short time I am making it available for $1 so for anyone who has been wanting a copy of it, now is a good time to get it.




     The SKY Family tours extensively with their unique Celtic music and Irish dance production CELTIC REVIVAL! They bring a message of personal revival which tens of thousands have been stirred by and committed to. What is the message that is compelling multitudes to a new closer walk with Jesus? It is the message found in these pages. It is a call to old-fashioned revival and an old-fashioned Gospel, a Gospel which is almost forgotten today. A Gospel that demands a price and the price is change.
     There are things here which may be startling to some. It is not because there is any new revelation claimed but because the old Gospel has become almost foreign to an entire generation. The concepts of this book have been time tested. It is nothing more, or less, than the Gospel of Pilgrim's Progress, George Whitefield, C.H. Spurgeon, the old hymns, early American life. The concepts of this book are lived out by the members of the SKY Family and the students of their Bible Institute. They aspire to live a consecrated life and share that joy with others.
These pages will walk you through an examination of the many areas of compromise that have crept unchallenged into practically every Christian's life. Our modern accepted life-style and media saturation are held up to the bright light of the Gospel where every area is challenged to become in conformity to God's changeless Word. The Bible standards may seem old-fashioned and irrelevant to a generation consumed with technology but we find, in the end, that God Himself is actually, still, old-fashioned.
     ThroughThe Narrow Gate primarily examines the 10 Commandments and Jesus' expansion of them in the Sermon on the Mount. With a close look we see the far reaching effects of His words impacting every area of daily life. As we see how far short of God's will we have fallen through distraction and neglect of His Word it drives us to God. No hopeless legalism is demanded here. As we see our great need for a closer walk with Jesus it compels us to the Throne of Grace where we find mercies poured out on those who sincerely desire to live 'Godly in Christ Jesus.' God thankfully does not require us to be perfect, but He does require us to be perfectly honest. As we come to Him in humility and repentance we become truly revived. God's grace is showered on us and our love for Him is renewed. This is real revival. The SKY Family sincerely hopes you will be greatly strengthened and encouraged by this book and that revival will truly begin with you!


  1. how do I order thie ebook

  2. If you click the link just above the picture of the book which says Through The Narrow Gate it will take you to Amazon.com where you have the option to order it in either the kindle edition or softcover book. I believe it will also offer it for ibooks under the kindle edition but if not you can download the free kindle app for any i-device and read it that way if you don't have the kindle.

    I hope this was helpful.