Thursday, June 26, 2014

Patience While Being Pruned

John 15:1-2
Patience While Being Pruned

     “I Am the true vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it, that it may bear more fruit.”

     “Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it, that it may bear more fruit.”    Jesus has called us His branches and said that His Father tends us and prunes us that we might be healthy and bear fruit. However, this pruning that God does is not pleasant and often leaves us feeling less than loving thoughts towards Him. We are going along trying our best to serve Him when suddenly the world falls apart around us and we lose our most precious earthly possessions. At first we feel like God has abandoned us in spite of our constant pleading with Him for help, but far from this being the truth, our Heavenly Father is jealously tending us that we might bring forth fruit abundantly. 
     God’s pruning sets us free from the excesses we have let grow up around us that take up all of our time and energy. He prunes things that our hearts are attached to so that we might be free to set our hearts on the treasure in Heaven. Jesus says it well in Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” As we draw close to God very often there are things that we know we need to let go of and yet we can’t do it and we leave them in our lives for a period of time. However, God is faithful to remove those things for us as He watches and sees that we truly desire to be free from those things and yet cannot let go. He steps in and prunes us.
     Many times, however, He prunes us from things that we have no desire to let go of and this is where we can get angry with God for His work in our lives. There are things we have that we feel we could never live without and God says, – “They are holding your heart hostage to the earth which is passing away and I have promised to set you free and preserve you for eternal life.” I call this pruning – A Severe Mercy – a blessing that we only truly appreciate years after He has done it. However, it is not fun for Him. He listens to our anger towards Him and endures it for our good. We are very often not grateful for this pruning process! If only we could bless His heart by patiently enduring it with a cheerful and hopeful heart. However, this hopeful heart is only attained by having our treasure in Heaven and it is our treasure on earth that He is pruning which means that our heart is being torn in the middle of it.
     So what can we do to more quickly come to peace with this pruning process? Surrender – we need to surrender the things that God is pruning rather than trying to re-grow those branches. The pain remains while we fight to re-grow what He has pruned, but if we surrender and focus on our roots – digging deeper into Him and drawing from His Living Water, we will grow and mature our roots so that we will be able to support the fruit that will come forth as the season changes to summer in our lives.
     I want to encourage you to not resist God’s pruning in your lives, but embrace it and bear it patiently. Set your heart on our treasure in Heaven so that your heart will be at peace and no longer feel the loss of this temporary earthly life. May God bless and encourage you in your walk with Him!


  1. 1. JAY - WTBY
    That God so loved that sent his only Son to die for us that Love.

    2. MELLIE - WTBY
    I thank God for all that he hve done in my life.

    3. TRUDY - WTBY
    Jesus is the true Vine, if any brances are dead He can give it life to be pruned and your branches will grow.

    It's a nice article.

    5. ASHLEY - WTBY
    God has helpedheal and inspire me to get my life on track again.

    I don't feel God is pruning anything in my life that I am awear of but from now on I will look more closely to the thing that should not be.

    God is pruning me by releasing the negative energy frommy life and gibing me good vibes. I have also lost alot of negative friends.

    8. PAUL - WTBY (Did prior study)
    What I have read I think it was a very good story.

    9. TONI - WTBY
    Some people claimthey know God but really don't in reality. Over the years alot have been lost due to greed and selfishness.

    10. TYIRISH (Done prior study)
    I'm ready for God to prune in my life.

    11. MARILYN - WTBY
    Jesus is the 1 in life and in everything that you do.

  2. 12. LAURA (Did prior study)
    I beleive in our continued life through all children.

    13. PAUL - WTBY
    I totally agree with what I read and believe that God keep His promises as long as we maintain our faith in HIM. :)

    14. BILLY (Did prior study)
    God loves us even if your atheis until the Day .

    15. SOLEIL
    God's good. Need more pruning in my life.

    16. BRIAN - WTBY
    Very inspirational and after reading that he's prunned a lot in my life.

    17. NICOLE - WTBY (Possible prior study)
    Good story. Made sense. We take it for granted.

    18. ASHLEY - NAUGY
    The verse on the top is oneof my favorite verses. Beautiful message!

    19. DAVID - WTBY
    I think God is prunning things in my life right now. Things that I think I can't live without some how I do. Throught his grace.

    20. ANNONYMOUS (Did prior study)
    It's a good story and it makes sense but I am an athiest.

    21. JAY
    Soundss like a baptism of fire that this writing is pertaining to. Not always pleasant but needful.

    22. CARMEN
    We need to think about more of God and trying to do better things.

    23. JASMINE - WTBY
    What I read was very educational and I would not have a problem with him pruning in my life while I wait patiently.

    24. THE GO-ER - NAUGY
    Like most of Seth's messages - extremely inspiring.

  3. 25. STEVEN - WTBY
    Pruning gives more and better fruit.

    26. ROBERTO - WTBY
    I believe in God prunning my lifeand i think its worth it because once i'm in heaven i can rest and not be pruned no more.

    I think were like fruit and have a right to be a better person.
    I want to keep reading this. (could not finish cause bus here).

    28. GG - WTBY
    Facing a battle with a battle with God Almighty power. Nothing is impossible but possible. I'm the chosen one. smile live laugh love.

    29. LZILANI - WTBY
    God is with us no matter how hard or what the situation is.

    30. ANNA - WTBY
    I think when we going through lifes struggles we should step back and leave it in God's hands for He won't give us more than we can handle.( Let go and let God).

    31. GERADO - WTBY
    I feel ready in a way, but not really. If it happens it happens.

    32. MARCUS - NY
    I really don't know cause i never went to church. Maybe.


  4. 33. FANTASIA - WTBY
    Letting go is one of the hardest things you have to go through in life, with god anything is possible. Forgive yourself and forgive others. "Love your enemies".

    34. DOSIA - WTBY
    If you want to make it to heaven you have to give up earthly things.You must do things pleasing to God because he sees all.

    35. MIKE - WTBY
    You only got about 75% willing to be pruned because of the fast life we're living. Man is not willing to ecept his own judgement.

    36. ALFRED - WTBY (Did prior study)
    God is blessing me everyday I awake.

    I know that God does not gives us more than we could bear. That's why he works on us every day.

    38. MARCO - WTBY
    Jesus Loves Us.

    39. JOSEPH - NY
    I surrender to God so that He may prune the abundetly things in my life.

    I believe in God. I read this a real lot

    41. DIONNA - WTBY
    God is first and stay faithful .If I plant the seeds they will grow with the help of God.

    42. PAUL - WTBY
    It a very good thingto have God in your life and in your heart.

    43. ASHLEY - WTBY
    He's done his best.

    44. JULIO - NY
    He's done great by me.

    45. JONIQUE - WTBY
    What I read helped me out somewhat today because i feel like I ask God for alot with nothing in return. But still look forward to going to heaven!

    Don't know what to write. We don't know what is true or not.

    47. DAN
    It was good reading.

    48. GINA - WTBY
    He prunes everything. Not just the lives he touches.

    49. SHANE - WTBY
    I think the Lord is always with us even when we are in pain.

    50. THE GO-ER
    Seth. I should have told you this when I first started doing this a long time ago. Did you know that many of the commenters after reading your message and after I thanking them for writing a comment respond with, "and I THANK YOU" referring to me bringing your messages to them? They always thanked you, but I guess because it wasn't written in their comments, I always forgot to tell you.
    Just thought you should know how much they appreciate your messages.

    51. KELLY
    I think this was very inspiring and it helped me to understand the true meanings of being on earth and what to value in life.

    52. MARIBEL - MA
    I feel God is walking with me and I have faith that it will all get better for me.

    53. RICHARD - WTBY
    God has to work in all of us so that we might be more like Him! Amen

  6. 54. ANONYMOUS.
    Honestly. I've been drinking and I don't think its a good thing to read the Holy bible right now. But can you pray for me? (written by the Go-er for Anonymous).

    55. LISA - WTBY
    I love his pruning. He knows my heart. Release all that I need Lord to be set free. Continue to embrace me with your love and shower me in grace. Control this anger. Don't let it feister inside me. For you choose me for a purpose. I'm still here and need you Lord. Do the changes in me. I will grow stronger for you. I really needed this. Good time.

    56. EDWARD - WTBY
    The Lord works in amazing ways and is always trying to help you even if it seems like He's not listening. He always is.

    57. DIANNA - WTBY
    He helps me get through the day.

    58. DESIESH
    Jesus is the way of Life!

    59. DORIS - WTBY
    It's good to get the Word of God out but not force your religion.

    60. JULIANE - WTBY
    God is always with us. He carries us on our worst days if it be his will.

    61. THE GO-ER
    I had just asked 2 people standing side by side to read Seth's message. They both said NO. As I continued walking past them I approach a pretty woman I guess in her 30s and she says NO but while she is walking past me by the two people standing who just also said NO, she starts yelling really loud "F" word about Jesus making these two laugh. I backstep to these two and say as kind as I can, "Jesus forgives her." Then I go back in the direction I was heading and ask myself, "Why did I say that ....that Jesus forgives her in front of those people and I'm also thinking, Jesus only forgives those who repent. (She wasn't looking nothing like a repenter). So this thought was in the back of my mind after that. About 20 minutes later I'm sitting on a bench with a woman who just finished reading Seth's message and is now thinking about how to comment. Then I hear loudly the most beautiful voice singing a hymn and quoting bible verses. I looked and I saw her...the woman that before was swearing, using 4 letter word to describe Jesus. She was praising God so very beautiful. I quickly realized she was bipolar of some sort (2 personalities) and I was glued to continue listening to her. HER PRAISING GOD WAS SO AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL! I think everyone around her must have thought the same thing. She was spreading the gospel. Then I asked myself, did God have me say to those two standing, "Jesus forgives her" because He knows her and she knows Him.

  7. 62. JACKY.
    2nd paragraph is definitely true.

    63. JANAE - WTBY
    I believe God is pruning a lot in my life because so far Blessings been happening. To me left and right.

    64. THERESA - WTBY
    God is pruning my life. He knows where I am right now. But He's pruning my life in things I can't say.

    65. NAY
    It's inspiring. Makes you think differently about life.

    66. ZOEY - WTBY
    We are the branches of earth. God is the power of earth.

    67. ALEX - WTBY
    I can't think of anything God is pruning in my life.

    68. MIKE - WTBY
    It sounds like if there is a God, He/She/ it does not embrace us with everything we may desire. Sounds like God gives us pain, but also joy. Also if we endure all the hardships and are "pure" we will be granted into "heaven" and get what we desire. I , however, do not believe in any of this. The fact that our "Creator" makes us suffer so one don't be happy, is sickening. As for eternal life,I believe once a soul is created we will forever exist.

    God is with us as we on earth shall walk his walk. He knows our trouble and ask Him to call on him in time of praise and mercy. When you believe in himand his way you will begin to leave all the material things behind.

    70. SHAMEKA - NJ
    I read that the things we deal with in life we won't have to for there's a life that is everlasting with God.

    71. KEYNA - WTBY
    It was good advice and very understanding.

  8. 72. MARKIE - WTBY
    Inspirational. God somethimes only puts people in your life for a reason to learn and better yourself.

    73. KEN - WTBY
    Patience is a fruit and virtue.

    74. JOSHUA
    Earthly attachments to possessions, relationships and other temporary "treasures" can staunt our spiritual growth and hinders our hearts submission to God's will.

    75. GABRIELA
    Temporary things are not important. What is most important is that which is eternal. We need to not let wordly distractions keep us from growing in Christ and doing his will.

    God wants to set you free. god wants us to let go but we can't see that only he can. He wants to move onto to the things that we cant let go. But as soon as you let go you will be set free.

    77. QUIA - WTBY
    I believe in God.

    He will prune my life till I stand. He give me faith to con't living.

    It's a nice letter. Very comforting!

    80. NICOLE - WTBY
    God is very great. Soley God in your hearts to believe he is here for everyone.

  9. 81. RICHARD - WTBY
    God's Word is law. Have no other God before Him.

    82. GRACE
    It was very interesting and I believe in God and all his word that are said.

    I've seen and feel his love and grace in everything around me.

    84. NIKKI - WTBY
    Needed to read something like this with what's goiing on in my life. Thank you.

    85. WALTER (Written by The Go-er for Walter)
    I am an agnostic.I believe in all this stuff. I believe in all the moriality and the goodness. I just have a little problem comprehending a God I can have a personal relationship with. My problem is faith. I would liketo talk to a pastor. I would love to have this blind faith.

    85.5 THE GOE-ER
    Walter above, after reading Seth's message was "spuing" (I think that's the word I'm looking for)...rambling on and on how much he really wanted this blind faith Christians have. He even asked me what church I go to cause he thought I got if from church. I said, you got to read the bible. That's where I got it from. And he was telling me others have told him he must be 'saved" to get heaven. He talked like he knew what he had to do to be saved...but was trying to convince himself to actually do it. I told him "Just do it. Be on the safe side". I said, when I leave you, tell Jesus....

    86. SHEILA - WTBY
    God wants us to bear fruit. He said in His word He will prune us if we do not bear fruit...for He is a branch and the vine.

    87. DARRON - WTBY
    God (Jesus) is a powerful and loving God. He will and never give us more than what we can handle in any situatoin. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

    88. WENDY - WTBY
    I know my struggles are God's test of endurane of me. Sometimes I wonder when he's gonna hear me, but I know he does and patience is a virtue! I believe this whole heartedly.

    89. RASHANN - WTBY
    We need to surrender to the love of God and not to the earthly things.

    90. ISABEL - WTBY
    God's coming to peoples life and not live by earthly ways. Follow and believe in him.

  10. 91. MICKUY N.H.
    This helps me know that we have be patient no matter long it takes for our prayers to be answered. God will never abandon us . He will always be there. I learned from the reading that God will always be with us and help us our problems.

    92. BRET - N.H.
    Seems to meto say that we need let go and let God decide what is the good and bad in our lives not to resist him but to let him do his work.

    This reminded me on how I should keep God first in my life. I am already saved but I haven't been really into God but this reminded me to let him back into my life.

    I think that everything I just read is true and I would love to bear good fruit in heaven for and with Him and Jesus Christ!

    95. CHABON -W.H.
    I believe that only god has the power to set us free and if we believe then weare free bring faithfulness along with your fruits and watch what God doess.

    96. YAJAIRA - WTBY
    I am going to begin again in life, letting God prune. God is great. God bless.

    97. ARION - WTBY

    Very encouraging, very enlightning. Surrending is a processing, healing, very uplifting.

    99. DANIEL - WTBY
    Good. I learn something new everyday.

    Beautiful information to help grow and learn. Little "reminders" such as this help keep my mind on God.

  11. 101. IAN - NAUGY
    I thought it was well put and I think its saying he endures our hatred for us and he's doing it to help.

    102. BRIAN - NAUGY
    I feel that what I read was inspirational.

    103. JASON - NAUGY
    The story was interesting . It did talk about fruit and I loved it said Jesus will be with us.

  12. 104. JOSEPH.
    God is good. I believe in divine intervention

    105. WANDA - ( Typed by the Go-er for a blind person) - WTBY
    I believe in the bible because my grandma was a minister and I was raised by the bible.

    106. WANDA - WTBY
    God puts us through trials and tribulations to make us stronger. He doesn't like it but it makes us better.

    107. JOHN - WTBY
    Need God in my life.

    108. ARAZELIS - WTBY
    It felt good to hear God.

    109. CRYSTAL - WTBY ( Did prior study)
    God is faithful. Trust in him. He watches and see !

    110. ANDREA - N.H
    I like it. Need god in my life.

    111. DEBBIE - WTBY
    Satan. I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins and all you have to do is ask for his forgiveness and your prayers will be answered and he also works through . Amen.

  13. 112. ROBERT - WTBY
    I think that what on here is so true. Love God.

    113. JIMMY - W.H.
    He forgives us all.

    114. MEAGAN - W.H.
    Jesus saves and forgives us all. We have to turn to God for our forgiveness.

    ROBERT - W.H. ( The Go-er typing for Robert - blind)
    We have to look for that treasure. We got to give our hearts to The Lord. We want that treasure. Keep looking for that treasure. Put The Lord first. We got to give everything to The Lord. He gives us stuff to work with.

    116. THE GO-ER
    Rober above was not born blind. He saved someone in a fight. 3 fighters beat him up with 2x4. He showed my the long scar on his head where they beat him. This beating caused him his blindness. He forgave these people who made him blind when he got saved,which was after the beating.
    He also claims when he was in a coma for 3 months after the beating, he saw Jesus. He said he saw Jesus in the 3rd heaven. It was the last thing he ever saw.

    116. BARBARA - W.H.
    I agree that going through the pruning period is very humbling experience but if you stay the course He will see you through.

    I liked it. It was nice.

    118. GRETCHN
    I do beleive that God does prune all so that we may have eternal life.

    119 NICK - W.H.
    Its like cleaning out your system to live a better life.

    120. DOROTHY
    God's Word is True. Trust in Him and obey his will for He loves you.

    121. DAWN - W.H.
    It's true! We must study to show ourselves approved. Dig deeper into the scriptures and know that Jesus is real.

  14. 122. RACHEL - BEACH
    Inspiring and comforting.

    123. SAM - BEACH
    I think about the things that we know we shall not be doing but find hard to stop these things - could be alcohol or drugs.

    124. MELISSA - BEACH
    There are many times when we feel like God isn't there but he is, he always is, I think that we shouldn't get mad at him instead we need to be more understanding.

    I think that things come and go for a reason and it may be hard or painful to let things go but it's always for a greater plan.

    I thought it was very inspirational and it was a good reminder that everything happens for a reason and that reason is God.

    127. CJ. - BEACH
    It made me consider what I value in life and whether those things are important, and whether they truly make me happy. Very lovely writing.

    128. DIONNE - BEACH
    I thought the reading was thought provoking and inspiring,. I put a good perspective on loss and how to deal with it.

    Have faith that God will take care of the important things. The material things are not important.

    130. JENNA - BEACH
    Keep faith regardless of loss and misfortune . Very nice inspiration.

    131. CARA - BEACH
    Always have faith that God has a plan for you and that everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

    132. SARAH - BEACH
    Makes me think about the things I do and the priorities in my life.

    Very similar to what I do in my 12 step program. I take inventory daily and ask God to remove my burdens.

    134. ANGEL - BEACH\
    I believe in what Jesus is true and that no one should resist God's pruning . Everyone speaks to God in their own way.

    I agree with this. I am a Christian and love God. Even if I don't read the bible a lot. I still try to and I am familiar with this scripture because we read this in church.

    Reading this spoke to me. I am a Christian and know that God wants what is best for His children. We don't know what is best for ourselves but when we surrender to God as suggested, and like we're supposed to, it draws us nearer to Him and to His purpose in our lives. There is something that I had to really surrender to Him and I'm still dealing with it and the pain that has come with it, but I know He is at work healing me, pruning the unnecessary out of my life.