Monday, May 4, 2015

Jesus Has A Radical Love For People!

Jesus Has A Radical Love For People

     Jesus has a radical love for people! The other day during a concert in Maine it seemed to me that Jesus came right into the room with me and held out His arms toward me. He was so full of love and compassion and as I looked at His nail scarred hands I was struck by how He wears His love for us on His own body. So often we are tempted to believe that Jesus doesn't love us or that He doesn't know what we are going through or that if He does know what we are enduring He doesn't seem to want to come to our rescue. These despairs and accusations that come from our hearts toward Him are so far from the truth. The minute He holds out His hands they tell the love He has for us that words could never do justice to. How could a person tell Him to His face that He doesn't care about them? His hands and feet bear the deepest marks of a love that is beyond comprehension. While we were putting him to death on the cross, He was redeeming our lives from hell. He placed His own body on that cross and would rather be called a sinner and take our penalty than see us die eternally separated from Him. His love for us is far above what we understand.

     I just want to share Him with the world! He died that many might be saved! What can I do to help? How can I bless His heart today? I just want to bring many to Him!

     Jesus please help me to take full advantage of Your sacrifice. Your death has already paid the price. Please show me how to make better use of the gift you have given to men. Jesus I want You to see more fruit from Your labors. Holy Spirit please use me today for your glory. If You are seeking to be poured out on people please help me to be an avenue You can use to do it. Please rescue many and let nothing hold You back from bringing full transformation to peoples lives! Please help me to bring glory to Jesus today! Holy Spirit let us go to work! Thank You that You are here to do all things that will bring men to Jesus! Thank You for Your tireless service unto men! Thank You! Please make use of me today.

     I want to see men women and children suddenly understand the gift that we have been given through Jesus sacrifice. I want to see people walking down the street, suddenly meet the Lord, and walk into wherever they were going a different person. Just radically changed and bursting with a love for Jesus that they just want to share with everyone they meet!

     Lord Jesus we want You! We love You and we want to live for You every moment of our lives!