Bible Classes

Revival Begins With You!

     We have a number of classes on youtube for anyone who is looking for encouragement and help in drawing  closer to the Lord.
 We hope it will be a blessing!

Classes on Matthew

Classes on Through The Narrow Gate

Classes on Hebrew  (Currently in session and being added to every week)

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  1. I was sincerely humbled to have had the privileged to have been at your revival in Marquette Michigan this year. Both my Joel and I spoke with Joel afterward for quite a while. You left a lasting impression of a truly blessed, spiritually rich family. We look forward to seeing you again. To Joel, thanks for your ear and prayers. With much prayer, I have released many of the angers I was still harboring, including my deceased husbands brother, who I finally mad peaced with and the one pastors wife. It is a huge relief. Thank you for your encouragement. May God continue to bless you all as you have us. Janeen Wilfert