Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Abiding In The Vine

John 15:1-4
Abiding In The Vine

     “I Am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He (God) takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it, that it may bear more fruit. You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you. Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you, unless you abide in Me.”- Jesus

     Jesus is showing us the emphasis that God has placed on bearing fruit and that it is the outward sign of where our hearts are. Anyone can call themselves a Christian but it is the fruit of our lives that will show whether we truly are. In fact, God says that every branch in Him that does not bear fruit will be removed which is even more thought provoking. For if a branch already was with Him but stopped abiding in Him it would cease to bear fruit and be removed. Certainly a word of warning to us not to take our daily walk with God for granted. Ezekiel 33:13 puts it even more clearly. “When I say to the righteous he will surely live, and he so trusts in his righteousness that he commits iniquity, none of his righteous deeds will be remembered; but in that same iniquity of his which he has committed he will die.” This is where the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom as Solomon says.
     So what does it mean to abide in the vine and how do we do it? To abide in the vine is to take our time for seeking the Lord, seriously. It is to make time for Him everyday where we put aside everything in order to be with Him. What friendship have you ever had where spending time with that person no longer mattered? A true friend desires to spend time with you even when it is not possible because of time or distance. So also, our relationship with God does not grow without an effort to make time for Him. So why can it be so difficult to make time for God? It is because we have an enemy who tries to fill our time with pressing things, and other loves that will consume our time that we could use to spend with the Lord. We pursue a sport or a romance or our career as if these things are truly the only thing that will keep us alive or are worth living for. How can we tell if these things have become too important? Look at your reaction if they are taken away. We fall into despair – you got injured and your future in that sport is lost forever, the person of your dreams has left you, someone has seen your business idea, liked it, copied it, and is now undercutting your business. Just look at your response to these things. Anger, despair, getting even, anger at God for not stepping in, these reactions show what our hearts are in love with.  The only way to let go of them is to start spending time with God on a daily basis. As we spend time with Him He places His hand upon us and removes the despair and bitterness and frustration from our spirit and replaces it with His peace. He is able to do the impossible – which is to bring peace and contentment back into our lives. Our hearts let go and are free to take hold of Him and to enjoy His company. The more faithful we are to spend time with Him the more often we enjoy this peace and contentment and the more we look forward to being with Him. This is the beginning of true love for our Savior. Not just the first love of being saved by what He did for us, but a sustainable and ever-growing daily love relationship with Him. The more time we spend with Him the deeper it grows and we find it is not possible to get to the end of it! With the pleasures of this world you reach the maximum it can offer in literally moments, but with God you can never get to the end of it. With God’s love you will never find the end where you feel empty and have to find some new love.
     So let us start spending more time with Him and enjoy the everlasting blessing He has given us which is to have a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe! And let us bear much fruit which grows so naturally as we abide in Him. God bless you all!


  1. 1. CHRIS - BEACH
    It's true we all put things in front of our relationship with God. We do need to make time for that.

    2. JASON - BEACH
    It's very interesting and good to think about.

    It's true. Sometimes we get so wrapped in our own demons we forget what's important. It's good to reflect every once in a while and keep God close by.

    I agree. Jesus is great!

    I agree life gets hectic and we forget about what really matters connecting to a greater power is important.

    6. RM - BEACH
    I think everyone shall love God. A lot of peoples lives are too busy and they forget the little things in life. But God knows who believes and who doesn't.

    Well I'm a Jehovah witness and I appreciate your effort, but no thank you.

    8. RUTH - BEACH
    We are Christians and believe in God. Without him we would not survive in the world as it is today. I believe everything happens for a reason. God uses struggles as testimonies for others.

    As a Christian, I learn these values grow and I believe a relationship with God can get rid of all pain and suffering.

    I think that this is very informational and good to know. It is good to have a communication with Jesus.

    11. DEBBIE - BEACH
    I agree.

    My belief is that you have your own relationship with god and you will no when you time to constimale it. (I am typing exactly what Elizabeth wrote ,spelling errors and all- The Go-er)

    13. DAWN - BEACH
    Faith without works is useless. As a christian we have to follow the principles of the bible.

    14. MORIAH - BEACH
    I see that it is important we put god first and follow Jesus' example and do so.

  3. 15. RYAN - WTBY
    God shows things for a reason live and learn.

    16. MELISSA
    I think everything that was said is true. God fills me with innner peace every day.

    17. CARLOS - BRONX
    In life if you have time for everything should have time for God.

    18. JOSE - WTBY
    It is true, because I find myself stressed out, dealing with the world as it is. But if I look towards God I will always remember I am loved, and theres no reason to be stressed, take things as it is everrything is going to be allright.

    19. SHELBY - WTBY
    Everybody should read this so they understand it is to spend time with our God. Spending time with God should be our first priority always.

    20. GARY
    I belive in 10 comandments. Spend time in natre and teach, play, my dogs. I already find peace without Devinity.

    21. KEMRAJ - WTBY
    How the bear fruit abides.

    22. SALLY

    23. NATASHA - WTBY
    He is good. Hewill never Forsake us.

    It was very inspiriational.

    25. ARJELIL - WTBY
    Thank you for letting me read this. It insired me to take the next step of building a better relaitonship w/GOD.

    26. ALYSSA - WTBY
    I believe that the whole concept of the paper is basically saying reach out more to God than Satan, even though God doesn't answer our prayers everyday he eventually will.

    27. RAYMOND - N.H.
    It is so true. I try to abide in him every day. Some days I am successfull some days not; but He is Faithful.

    Prayer request: To be delivered from drugs, alcohol and ciggeretts.

    28. MELISSA - WTBY
    I believe Godis the almighty power and he lives in me and he is with me everyday.

    29. JANCIE - WTBY
    Interesting . It's true.

  4. 30. JUNE - BEACH
    It has been proven throughout time nothing exists without the almighty.

    31. MARIA - BEACH
    I think that "abiding in the vine" has opened my eyes and made me realize how many things in life can distract us from being with God. Also, how much we do need God in our lives. Lastly, I realized that spending time with god is the only way to let go of bad feelings.

    Jesus is our Savior.

    This Passage was great! Really made me realize God is great all the time. I will spend more time with God.

    I think this article was very inspiring. It showss the true message that God is trying to show his people. They can learn a lot from him.

    Nicley written. Thank you for sharing.

    36. JOI - BEACH
    I agree it's important spending time with God everyday.

    God is our Savior. It(message) talks about Satan and hw he can distract us into finding our destiny. Bearing fruit is turning your life completly over to God. Like it says, there is no end.

    Very nicely written. makes you look at things from a different perspective. Thanks.

    God is the vine dresser (Tree) and if you abide in him you will have everlasting.

    40. Co-Co - WTBY
    I beleive Jesus die that we be free of choice. If you believe in him all things are possible.

    41. KENNEY - WTBY
    I think of him as my friend.

    We haveto build a relationship with God and don't let Satan get in the way.

    43. CHELSEA - WTBY
    I agree and that's why I'm going to keep my studies going with jehovah witness.

    44. SAMANTHA - It alright to spend time with God even if its just for a few mins.

    45. JESSIE - WTBY
    It was inspiring but somewhat hard to relate too.

    46. JOSE - WTBY
    I think every body have a oportunity to take a diference route in their life , the only way totake that route is thru in god in the form of anyone.

    I think Jesus is in my heart and without Jesus nothing is possible.

    48. ANTHONY - WTBY
    I thought this was very insightful and made a lot of sense. I feel it can be used in life and make a change in life.

  6. 49. THOMAS - WTBY
    So, I Am The Truth & The Light

    50. ANGIE - WTBY
    It's true I needed to think about this today. I do lovethe Lord & value a relationship with him. Although I do take this for granted and don't take (make) timefor our relationship which is importantto me. I see how satan keeps us from Loving Him. Wow.

    51. ROBERT - WTBY
    Very touching. It's true. We place too much on material things and not enough on what really matters.

    52. LARRY - NY
    I believe this is true. I do believe in god and do believe he is My Savior.

    53. PAULA - WTBY
    I've just been experiencing this. It's timely information. I've been going through this.

    54. DANIEL -
    I am very grateful for jesus and all the things he's done for me. The piece that I read was very interesting and I liked it. It is the truth.

    55. ANGEL - WTBY
    This peace is trying to tell us that we are to consumed with finding our love, making money,keeping a carrer. All these things can end at any moment But time with the lord is endless. Long story short make time for God.

    56. ANDREW - WTBY
    I really liked it was said nailed it on the head always keep a connection with God.

    57. ERICA - WTBY
    I liked what I read and learned something neww.

    58. ONEIKA - WTBY
    Make time for God cause he always make time for us.

  7. 59. CATHY - WTBY (Did prior studies)
    Appreciate God & Jesus.

    60. LAURA - WTBY
    Everybody needs prayer; and with God you are never alone. Great Article.

    61. KATHY - WTBY
    Spending time on your knees is not enough. You have to keep God in your hearts all day to be the person you are supposed to be.

    62. SHANTAE - WTBY
    Instead of spending time with people who brings you down give all to God. Spend your time with him.

    63. CHARLIE
    It's a good thing spending time with God each day. I don't pray to God every day. I think we should all try.

    64. LORETTA - WTBY
    Very true. No one can take anything away but him e will keep you safe no matter what happens (talk to him).

    65. MADELINE
    Sounds interesting.

    66. LUCAS - WTBY
    It is true.To have a good heart.

    67. RICARDO - WTBY
    I think what I read was very true and some ppl do need to make an
    effort to have time for god.

    I liked it. It's true .God is our Savior, without him we are NOTHING!

  8. 69. GEORGE
    I don't believe in God sometimes. I always get bad luck.

    (George invited Jesus into his heart today - The Go-er)

    70. S - WTBY
    We take God for granted. We put other pleasures before Him, our Lord and Savior.

    71. TITO - WTBY
    I also believe that a relationship with God is important for our walk in life. I believe tht God's purpose for you all is salvation through Christ.

    72. ANDREW - WTBY
    - WOW. What I've tread was really true. Everyone should make time for God.

    73. KEISHA - WTBY
    That passage is very true for you are nothing and can have nothing without God being the root of it.

    Very deep and inspiring.

    Gods enemy is Satan.

    Praying and giving your life over to God. You can make it through what is handed to you.

    I will stay connected to the true vine, our heavenly Father. Thank you.

    78. JUAN - WTBY
    It's true.

    My church talk about it. So I can say I agree with it.

    80. PAM - WTBY
    Inspiring comforting

  9. 81. JENNA - WTBY
    We should put God first. We should pay more attention to him.

    82. LESLIE - WTBY
    It is very inspirational. God is always with us.

    83. JOSEPH - WTBY
    We need to put God first in our lives and spend even a few momentsa day to appreciate what he does for us because if not satan will take over and we will be elimnated from going to heaven. Thanks for the remembrance . God bless you.

    84. BROOK - WTBY
    God does everythng as long as you have Him in your heart.

    85. JOHN - WTBY
    To spend more time with is best to do.

    Through Jesus Christ all things are possible. You must keep God first. God bless everyone.

    87. TONY - WTBY
    It was very interesting. I don't pray like I should. I don't go to church like I should. (Pray that Tony receives a bible, an easy reading one, large print - He gave his bible away and needs another one. Pray he reads all of it and not just readss proverbs, which he did when he did own one. - The Go-er)

    Every morning and night me and my 3 yr old pray.

    89. ANN - WTBY
    It was the truth of the words he spreads.

    90. T - WTBY
    Put God in your life always.

    We should always make time for God.

    92. RICHARD - WTBY
    I found this quite interesting to be honest. Being that I'm a Christian and strongly believe in his glory.

    93. TISHA
    I beleive what I've read is a true statement. People need to open their minds and soul up to God and beleive he is our creator and Savior.

    It made me think about what I'm doing in life and with my time and the things that matter. It was a real eye opener.