Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Number Your Days

Psalm 90:12
Number Your Days
So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Today, take a moment to examine your life. Where are you going? What are your goals? What is the end result of the life you are trying to build for yourself? Are you happy? Have you ever been happy? Do you think the next thing you are seeking is going to make you happy? These are very good questions to ask ourselves and in doing so we will begin to draw conclusions about things that we have rarely stopped to think seriously about and learn from.
The word in this Psalm is asking these questions. He says, teach me to know and understand that my time might be very short and how am I spending it? It also may be long, and how am I spending it? It may be long?? Why would that help me think? I thought that life being short is the scary part because I might die before getting my life right with God or without accomplishing something good for Him? Yes, your life might be long. Why is this scary? It is scary because it means that every decision you make will have long consequences for you. So when you wake up after a party where in the moment you chose to do a reckless thing, you find that you can’t shake the consequences. Or if you had an abortion your life goes on and now you find out everything they don’t tell you at the clinic. Regret, guilt, the feeling of having actually committed murder intentionally. Did you know that most of the people in jail will never have the regret that you do or the intense guilt because their crimes were relatively harmless compared to yours. Most of them have actually never killed a person before and if they did, they usually have a motive against someone for something they did to them, but you have chosen to kill someone who never harmed you. These things will stay with you forever. So if you live for the moment as though life is short, you will find that life is long and every day that goes by feels like a lifetime.
We now realize that if we had known that life would go on we would never have done the things we did. We would have considered our days that we might have chosen more wisely. This despair and guilt is why so many people want to end their lives early. The consequences of their actions won’t leave them. They just go on and on. There are so many things we can do that have horrible consequences. These are just a couple, but I’m sure you can think of more. They make life miserable don’t they? 
Here is the miracle. Jesus has offered us a way out. He has offered to take the pain, guilt, despair and suicidal thoughts from us and to replace them with peace,  joy and rest for our weary heart. This is the miracle of salvation. He takes our destroyed lives and begins to rebuild them. He takes away the spirit of despair we are under and gives us a new joy and a reason to wake up in the morning. Those who have received Christ know exactly what I’m talking about. You wake up in the morning and your just actually glad to be alive! Nothing outward has changed. Your life is still full of the consequences of your actions but suddenly the weight is gone and your glad to get up! Maybe for the first time that you can ever remember! This is just the beginning! Jesus will give you a desire to live, and a joy to begin living for Him. He will reshape your life and turn the worst things you have done into something beautiful. He will take the humility of your heart as you give it to Him and grow something new and beautiful out of it. He will save you from your despair and give you a joy that you never knew was possible.

So for all of you who have never experienced this, take some time to consider and remember your days. Jesus can make you brand new today if you humbly come before Him right now and say, “Jesus, please take away my old life and all its horrible consequences, please forgive me and give me a new one that is full of Your joy and peace. I want this joy that I have just been reading about. Please make me a new person in Jesus.” If you take some time and do this, I guarantee your life will never be the same.

And for all who know Jesus, take some time to consider your days. Don’t waste time on things that only please the flesh. Consider how little time you have before Jesus returns and seek to do all you can for His sheep before He comes. Let us be found faithful when He come back, that He would be able to say to us, “Well done My good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.”


  1. 1. BOBBY - WTBY
    Truth I believe.

    2. CARMEN - WTBY
    Jesus i coming . I LOVE YOU JESUS! Greatful for all the good things! JESUS LOVES ME.

    3. VALERIE
    I chose to make my life a better one and wait for life to take a change.

    4. JULIET
    Jesus is to saave live. He live for us. He is the help. You beleive in him. You will be save.

    5. G. - WTBY
    The thing is to do good in life because it is short to live in the world.

    6. JOSHUA - WTBY
    God is always around. In a little while you shall se me no longer but a little while after you shall see me again.

    7. JON - WTBY
    I think this was a good Blessing for the day. I realy needed that to get my day on the right track.

    I alreaddy know.

    He is right about making the right decisions.

    10. LINN - WTBY
    I'm actually in a rehab program. I started going back to church 6 weeks ago. I gave myself to God the moment I got out of Jail. Look I was asked to read this article and it home exactly. God is great.

  2. 11. BARBARA - WTBY
    I hope God could change my life so I could be happy and appreciate some things I do at. I want to get stronger.

    12. LOUIE
    I had two strokes since last year. I had the stroke for shooting dope.I had endocardilitis from the dope caused the stroke. I was pronounced dead.Jesus is with me. I am walking proof.

    12.5 THE GO-ER
    Pray for LOUIE . Only after I asked him if he ever invited jesus into his heart did he say he turned his life over to Jesus. Also because of who he appeared to be still hanging around with it (drugs) I'm not sure if he ever really did this turn his life over and if he just said he did on quick rebounce. PRAY for him.

    13. ASHLEY - WTBY
    There's always a chance to change your life.

    14. LAUREN - WTBY
    Jesus is always on my side!

    15. MEGAN
    I think that God is a good person in all ways and he can really change our lives.

    16. PATRICK - WTBY
    It feel good to read. I think it is good.

    17. JAMES
    I just got out of prison. This is excelent.

    I think itts important to know your life in Christ.. Jesus is the way to salvation and anew life from sin.

    Very touching.

    20. JAMES - WTBY
    I think its very true.

  3. 21. LUIS
    Consider and enjoy what God has in stored for yourself and others.

    22. DAN (Did prior study)
    Having peace with God is having peace with self.

    23. MARIAM - WTBY
    I get comfort in knowing Jesus forgives and lets you start over.

    24. JAMES
    I beleive that we should have more people read and they will learn more that they can comment on.

    25. FRANCIS - (Did prior study)
    Jesus is the right path to take. Romans 12:9 love must be sincere hate what is evil. Cling to what is good.

    All things are possible through Christ.

    27. JESSICA
    A lot of people should read this.

    28. TINY
    I know God and I am grateful for Him. I pray every day for forgiveness.

    29. ADRIAN - WTBY (Did prior study)
    Everything I read is true. Matter of fact people in jail today don't care. The just figure it's free room and board. And do what ever they have to. When they get out they are doing the same thing.

    30. JOE - WTBY
    I think that Jesus and God can take away your sins if you put them first in your life. A lot of us spend some our our day doing nothing while some of us spend our days working for our goals but in both cases we can loose sight of our connection with God . I think this was good reminder.

    31. AYANA - WTBY
    The story I read was great. It's always good to have a relationship with Jesus because only he will not judge you. You have to wanna know him so he can forgive and help you.

    32. LUIS - WTBY
    Very thought provoking. Never thought about the long term effects of abortion and comparing their guilt to criminals in jail.

  4. 33. ALICIA - WTBY
    I believe this story to be true.

    34. SUNDEAN - WTBY
    God is forgiven. He will forgive you no matter what you have done.

    35. RYAN - WTBY
    Makes sense 2 come 2 your senses - God is real n so is heaven. I live by God's words n will die in his arms w/mercy or not/will try 2 be good.

    36. LINDA- WTBY
    I am already saved. I love Jesus and try to do things better by thinking Jesus when I have a decision to make.
    ( Linda said she prays to Mary every day -The go-er).

    37. ALLEN - WTBY
    So teach us to number our days?

  5. 38. RAYMOND - WTBY (Did prior studies)
    How did you know that refers to me? It's true. That pins me down and thank you.

    38.5 THE GO-ER
    I believe I made a very big mistake and I pray I did not stop Raymond above from turning his life over to The Lord. What happened was, I was waiting for Raymond above to finish reading Seth's comment. I was standing up over him while he was reading, and after a few minutes, I saw he had the paper with Seth's message twisted away from himself and he had his eyes closed. Because I have a son who has sleep apnia, I thought he fell asleep so I figured I should wake him up. After reading his comment, and remembering how I saw that sad look in his eye, the kind I've seen a couple of commenters have when they read this message (it's heartbreaking. I see pain in it their eyes that 's coming from thier heart. I don't know what it is, but I see it only quickly and I saw it in Raymonds). I beleive Raymond was seeking The Lord, turning his life over to Him, when he had his eyes closed and and I interrupted him. Please pray God overlooks my mistake and Raymond redoes this without interruption.

    39. BRYCE - WTBY
    I feel inspired to do what I need to in order to be right with God. There were encouraging messages, within the whole message, and made my eyes open.

    40. ANGELA
    "Sins of the flesh" getting rid of bad habits. Smking and social drinking. Love you for your support...Bad choices of men...How Jesus makes you brand new....Through day by day prayer....

    41. PEDRO -
    In God we trust. I beieve.

  6. 42. LILLIAN (Did prior study/ies)
    It hits my daughter in the spot.

    43. PAM
    What you choose inlife there whether it is good or bad is a consequences.

    44. KATIE - WTBY
    I think it's very true what the article says. I can identify with it.

    A commenter asked me if he could keep this message and show it to someone.(I usually only make up about 4 copies that are passed on an on). Pray for the one he shows it to.

    46. TOMMY - WTBY
    I think we all should repent and give our life to Christ.

    47. RODNEY - WTBY
    I think the message is true. An actual fact you must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

    48. TYRELL - N.H.
    Life has its ups and downs but Jesus changes everything.

    49. EUGENE - N.H.
    God is good.

    50. RAY - N.H. (Did prior study/ies)
    I thank God for his forgiveness and for sending his Son.

    Was interesting. One must have open mind regarding religion and belief in life after death. I believe you must find the belief that works best for you as apeson and follow it...

    52. MAJID - BEACH
    It turns out I am actually Muslim. I agree with what it says in the note. I have my own goals and my own morals...

    53. MARY - BEACH
    I think it was inspiring (I'm hopeful). It's all good or God !

    54. TOM - BEACH
    I've been doing a lot of praying on that. I'm going to invite Jesus into my life and give me a new life.

    55. EDINA - BEACH
    I feel that people don't have to find Jesus or believe in him in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.


    Makes sense - Sometimes its harder to do the right than it is to do what is wrong.

    I think that it is true. he is God Almighty and our Savior and give life in abundance.

  8. 59. STEVEN - WTBY
    It made me want Jesus in my life.

    60. LATOYA - WTBY
    There's no life after death but there is a heaven.

    61. ADRIANNE - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I am very happy in my life. It was good reading it.

    62. DOC - WTBY
    This is a great reading. I am a catholic and very religious And I believe in the 2 coming of Jesus.

    62.5 THE GO-ER
    Pray for DOC to turn to Jesus for forgiveness. I had a talk with him about choosing Jesus to go to for forgiveness instead of a priest. I left him a question to think about. I said nicely , "why you putting such a big deal on catholicism when Jesus never did...He was never even a catholic?" I know I got him thinking cause after I left him he caught up to me and wanted to talk more. But pray he chooses to go through Jesus instead of a priest for forgivenss.

    This is good but I'm already saved.

    64. JASMIN
    I think Jesus has good plans for his people that serve him. God bless.

    65. ALEX
    It mostly relates to my life. Real.

    66. LINDA - WTBY
    I am happy to wake up in the morning and thank the Lord for seeing it.

    67. NAJA - WTBY
    Jesus is the way and He can take heavy weight off our shoulder.

    68. JILL - WTBY
    I believe it that we all have consequences but through Christ Jesus we are delivered.

  9. 69. SANTA - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I think it speaks loud to me and makes me think more into my actions.

    70. BREA - NY
    It was great reading that. Today I will look to Jesus to forgive my sins.

    71. LATISHA - WTBY
    Very inspiring, truthful and an eye opener! Exactly what I needed to read to turn my day around.

    72. ALICIA - WTBY
    It make you think were your life is going and how to deal with these problems in life.

    73. MOXAMMAD
    Its good.

    Very good and its very true.

    75. NICOLE - WTBY
    I read Jesus is salvation no matter what.

    76. ANGEL
    I think it good.

    77. SERINA
    God is giving us a way out.

    78. ASHLEY - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    Its and awesome saying. I loved it! Jesus is good.

  10. 79. DALE
    I do believe. I grew up in a church.

    79.5 THE GO-ER
    Pray Dale puts church back in his life. Said he hasn't been going.

    80. CATHY -WTBY
    Everything I read is true and I believe Jesus will save us if we only believe!

    81. CRISS
    Insightful and inspirational.

    82. DAVID - WTBY
    I think the End days are upon us and its now or never. God Bless us all.

    83. LOUISE - WTBY
    Fits most of my feelings emotional great.

    84. LINETTE
    You don't know how much time you have on earth so do something effective for God today.

    85. CHARLES - WTBY
    I love what it says and it's true. Feed your mind and soul with God's word's and follow them.

    86. SABRINA
    Be nice to others.

    87. JASMIN
    Appreciate life more.

    88. DALE - WTBY
    I appreciate that psalm and that gave me motivation for my day.

  11. 89. IRALIS
    Already a Christian. It was good.

    I think it was very uplifting to the fact that Jesus can take any sorrow you hve away if you just talk to him.

    91. WAYNE - W.H.
    I like that. It was nice. Old life new life.

    92. ANNONYMOUS - (Did prior study/ies)
    I just needed to read this cause I needed a blessing.

    93. LINDA - WTBY
    I always believe in God. Sometimes things do run in my mind, but I know if you let the devil in he will take over. I was thinking of the good things to do. i know I am not perfect I try my best to live with them. I know he is forgiving God. I truly hope in the End we will see the light for ever last with in oust has church is the people.

    94. DIANA - WTBY
    I liked how it talked about being forgiven for any mistakes you made but my question is how do you seek God's forgiveness? What do you have to do to seek forgiveness from God?

  12. 95. KIMBA
    I think the story was very very good.

    95.5 THE GO-ER
    Pray for KIMBA. He asked to keep a copy of message.

    I believe it.

    97. RICH - WTBY
    It prompts meto get closer to God.

    98. RAY - WTBY
    I've made mistakes in the past but Jesus offers a new and better way. He forgives!

    99. JOSE - WTBY
    I think its something really positive and it will deffently make my day ! :)

    100. JENNIFER - WTBY
    Those are some good questions. Itss hard to decide if having a longlife is better than a short one. In my opinion, I rather have a good, short one than a long bad one. Really good reading. God bless you.

    101. ZOILA
    Ya. I belive in Jesus. He is our King. He is always here for us.

    102. JACKIE - WTBY
    I think its amazing how the words were put together. Alot of people dont acept God and its a shame.

    103. DAWN - WTBY
    It is true, we waste to much time on materialistic things and not enough on God.

    104. CHRISTINA
    I think it was very tuching and that is the truth and it had some relif to me now when I need it the most.

    105. MATTY - WTBY
    Very Powerful.

    106. INGRID - WTBY
    It tells me every day we shall thank God pray.

    107. LIUNA -
    Jesus will come.

  13. 108. LYSETTE
    I will appreciate that.

    109. PHILIP
    I think its telling me about the joys of giving your life to Jesus.

    That was a very good message.

    111. JADON
    Well it actually made me think.

    112. MARYLIZ
    I agree.

    113. DANIEL (Did prior study/ies)
    Jesus loves everyone whether a sinner, a drug addict, or a thief. If you would abort a baby you would not be a true Christian because Jesus doesn't want that.

    114. MYSHELLA
    well I agree on something. I feel that Jesus is with us no matter what. I have
    a mental illness and I know he is with me but I also need more help. That's why he made doctors.

    115. MONTI

  14. 108. LYSETTE
    I will appreciate that.

    109. PHILIP
    I think its telling me about the joys of giving your life to Jesus.

    That was a very good message.

    111. JADON
    Well it actually made me think.

    112. MARYLIZ
    I agree.

    113. DANIEL (Did prior study/ies)
    Jesus loves everyone whether a sinner, a drug addict, or a thief. If you would abort a baby you would not be a true Christian because Jesus doesn't want that.

    114. MYSHELLA
    well I agree on something. I feel that Jesus is with us no matter what. I have
    a mental illness and I know he is with me but I also need more help. That's why he made doctors.

    115. MONTI