Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Joy Of Christ

John 15: 9-11
The Joy Of Christ

     “Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love; just as I have kept My Father’s commandments, and abide in His love. These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.”- Jesus

     The question for today is, why does Jesus say that we are to keep His commandments in order to abide in His love? What is the love He is talking about? Jesus gives us a point of reference when He says, “I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.” This love that Jesus is telling us to abide in is our source for being alive. It is the kind of life, bubbling up inside, that causes us to be excited to be alive. Jesus says that if we keep His commandments our joy is going to be made full. He equates keeping His commandments with abiding in His love.
     We have a funny teaching in our churches called – “God knows we will never be perfect in this life.” Yes it is true that we stumble and sin all the time but it is not an excuse to not commit ourselves to trying. Jesus says to resist the Devil’s temptations and he will flee from us. All besetting sins are temptations and within our power to resist by God’s help. God doesn’t want us to use the excuse that we will never be perfect. He is pleased with us when we resist, and the harder it is to resist the more pleased He is when we overcome it. It delights His heart to see the faithfulness of His child to persevere under such challenges. 
     When we resist the temptation to break the commandments there is a purity that comes into our lives, and with each passing day that we hold fast, our lives start to get more exciting. Think of an alcoholic. Everyday that he doesn’t drink he is able to think and work and get his life back together. Everyday builds on the last and his life becomes exciting. But if he is constantly falling back into drinking he is always starting from square one with nothing to build on. So our lives become more exciting the more we build them on keeping the commandments. God has built a great reward into each of His commandments if we keep them, an eternal reward with promises like He gave to Abraham that will last forever. We serve a God Who has great wisdom which He desires to pass on to us, but it is a wisdom that can only build off of obedience. I used to pray for wisdom all the time (I still do) and God would teach me many things, but His wisdom always affected my life, causing me to have to change the way I lived and I used to think – wisdom is only as good as it is made use of. If God teaches you something and you don’t use it, it does you no good and He is not going to give you more until you use what He has given you already. Keeping the commandments is the foundation stone to all wisdom. If we keep them our joy will be made full because we won’t always be starting from square one but will be building on those principles that bring peace and order in our lives so that we can learn new things.
     There is no fun in learning the same lessons over and over again and as we keep the commandments we will abide closer with Jesus, ever growing in His character and love. The Ten Commandments are like sight to the blind, they give understanding as to why our lives keep falling into trouble and they show us the path we should walk on in order to keep from doing it again. The commandments were given for our blessing, so let us meditate upon them and live in the fullness of joy that Jesus has promised for all those who would walk in them.         God bless!


  1. The Go-er
    The question that is typed on the top of comment sheets and has been for the last few studies is "What do you think about what you read?" Following are their answers.

    1. IVANA
    That I should follow and live through His commandments even though I don't. I wana always do. He still loves me.

    2. M. - WTBY
    Just because you sin God still loves you. And you don't have to go back to square one but get up and keeping pushing and believing God.

    3. DJ - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    What i think is exactly how it was said. The more we try not to commit sin the more pure we become.

    4. DAVID - WTBY
    If we go by His Commandments we abide by his rule and livea better life.

    5. MARIYA - WTBY
    It is very ineresting and also very true. If we obey God and keep his commandments he can work on making us right and holy. Thats all he really asks of us.

    I think that the article is a great reflection of how God can bless us and let us change for the better every day.

    7. ROD
    This is good.

    It's kind of hard. Every day people make mistakes especially me. I'm a back slider. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    8.5 THE GO-ER
    Annonymous above made a wise choice. The peson sitting next to her wanted to pull her away from reading this message. He said, "we" (speaking for her) don't have time for this. She stood up for herself and said firmly, " I want to read about God". She put on her glasses and read with that person watching her. We even talked about Seth's message which she highly appreciated . I see her standing up for God in front of her friend as a first step in the right
    directon --> God . We also had a talk about the message. Pray she keeps going in this directon.

    9. LAURIE - WTBY
    It's a very positive way to deal the life like that. None is perfect and can come back. Happy- Just doing one day at a time even one minute at a time. Life goes on!

    10. FREDDY
    It's very true, Its a proven fact of failure and success.

  2. 11. STEVE
    It was great reading cause I read the good word everyday and I learn from God daily.

    12. THE GO-ER
    "God sure does got my curiosity- why are people starting to ask for copies to keep and show others?" I ask myself, "what's going on, what's God doing?" "I thought this was a bus stop thing....What are you doing God with copies? To what extent are you taking me?"
    And Seth, that goes for you too- what does God have in mind for your messages? Here I'm thinking of when is this bus stop thing going to stop and God appears to be giving me more.

    (Maybe it's my imaginagition and I'm just now noticing people really wanting to keep these copies).

    It was enlighteining and usefull to people seeking God.

    14. DAN
    I think that Jesus is real and means everything he says.

    15. CYNTHIA
    I love this. It made me want to save Him with my holw hart.

    16. LUCY
    I was in a bad mood but when I read this paper love it mademe feel so much better.

    Trying to fullfil God's commandments will lead to better life and understanding with everyday life. A better living if we choose to do so.

    18. JOE
    It's 100% true.

    19. RENE
    It's a good message.I like the way they talk about an alcholic and get their life together. As long as you walk a straight liine everthing will be better.

    20. G - WTBY

    21. ANGELA -
    It's true keep god commandment and you will live a happy life.

  3. 22. AEIRRIEL - WTBY
    I believe in everything that I read. Great WORD!

    23. LEA
    We should always follow the 10 commandments.

    24. VINNIE - WTBY
    Love the God with all your heart , mind, body , soul and strength. Love thy neighbor as thyself and all will will fall in place.

    25. MARY - WTBY
    Thank you. I'm not a religious person.

    26. NADIA - WTBY
    Very enlightning. It's hard to do but I keep tryng . I know that God loves me.

    It was OK

    Even though we are not perfect God is always by our side. Try to better your life with God by your side. Don't think god doesn't love you because you sin. He is by your side trying to help you better yourself.

    29. MARC - WTBY
    I think its about following the commandments. However, I dont story of Jesus or Christians to be true.

    30. KEVIN
    Read the 4th commandment - Remember My Sabbath.

    I think it's true that we should obey the 10 commandments and try not to sin even tho it's something we do everyday.

  4. 32. MELVIN
    I believe that more people should read this because it teaches the importance of religion not jus in responsibility but in peace of mind and peace for all.

    33. ROSA - WTBY
    You should follow the 10 commandments.

    34. JELANN - WTBY
    I wish some of the saints in my church would something as uplifting.

    35. MIGUEL - WTBY
    Only God knows when we're good people. Even when we do bad things.

    36. MARK - WTBY
    His way of keeping straight and God's way.

    37. THOMAS - WTBY
    I think we should all obey the 10 commandments.

    38. BRANDON - WTBY
    I'm not religious but the passage was intriguing and definitely made me think.

    39. EBONY
    All you have to do to become one of God's children is to obey the commandments. Thou shall not

    40. SEGEYAH - N.H.
    It shows everything that can be done for you as long as you are faithful to God.

    41. SIMONE - WTBY
    Words to live and abide by.

  5. 42. ANGELA - N.H.
    It was really good. I like it. It make you think what next.

    43. JOHN - WTBY
    God has created us to follow his lead. I believe the 10 commandments keeps us on a narrow path, helps us through our struggles and keep us out of trouble if we remain true to him.

    44. MELIZA - WTBY
    It is true to believe in God is to believe in Saior and that is wisdom.

    45. RAFAEL - WTBY
    This actually put some sense into my head. I'm an angry person and always fight but I have calmed down.I need to learn how to forgive. Past few months I've been praying and God has given me a car and renting part of a huge house in Wolcott. This touched me.

    46. JESHA - WTBY
    I think Jesus is very forgiving and loves us all equally.

    If you follow the Lord commandments life will be a lot easier becaause of the love it holds.

    48. SUZETTE - NY
    You should always try and obey the 10 commandments.

    49. DENISE
    Made a lot of sense but then I already know GOD is Good.

    50. SHANNON
    Jesus loves us.

    51. HOPE - WTBY
    About the importance of abiding the commandments. The fact that we humans sin doesn't mean we are above forgiving. It's our ability to learn from that that pleases God. No one is perfect so we shouldn't try to act perfect.

    52. MARIA
    Powerful and makes sense to abide by him never lets us down.

  6. 53. GEORGE - WTBY
    What I read was worth reading.

    54. TROYE - WTBY
    I believe that God is parent that raise you. Commandments are the rules to live to walk the line that keeps you a good person in and out.

    55. AARON - WTBY
    We are not all perfect and Jesus just wants us to keep his commandments and do the best that we can in his Word.

    56. AYANNA - WTBY
    I think it was a good paragraph to read and it's from the bible.

    57. SHYAIRA - WTBY
    I thought it wasy a very good scripture, explains alot.

    58. JOSE - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I beleive that in order to be happy we must try to keep God in our hearts and not go against God.

    59. TYSHA - N.H.
    Everything is true. I do read the bible.

    I think this is awesome.

    61. JONTAL - WTBY
    It is true by keeping the commandments that God has asked of us, we see a difference in our own daily lives.

    62. DIANE - WTBY
    It was nice.

  7. 63. NICHOLAS
    If I should be right with God shouldI be smoking? If I put my trust in Him I'll be perfect.

    64. STANLEY - WTBY
    It's very true- try to do your best with what's right by God.

    I agree with this and belive it.

    66. CARL - N.H.
    I think it's the truth to obey the commandments and u will have joy and the father love.

    67. VANESSA - WYBY
    I never looked at it that way on the paragraph about the alcoholic.

    68. BONNIE - WTBY
    I've always known what Jesus is able to do. Obeying what he wants done is the key to having a everlasting life.

    69. ZULEY - WTBY
    God is always faithful and he does help when we fall into temptation.

    69. LOUISE - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I'm an alcholic and I had read something that keeps me sobar.

    It makes sense.

  8. 71. MARILYN - WTBY
    I think its a good article. I love when it says "God knows we will never be perfect in this life". That is true. No ones perfect. All we can do is try our best to resist temptation.

    72. JUSTIN - WTBY
    It is very good.

    To bein good life, and do God's will and obey his laws.

    74. JOSHUA - WTBY
    If we follow God commands our life will turn out good.

    75. LAWYER - WTBY
    We show God R love by keeping his commandments.

    76. DANIEL
    Need to read that now with what I'm going through. Thanks.

    Inspiring. Make me think about life and what I'm doing wrong in life.

    78. CARLOS - WTBY
    We have to follow Jesus commandments because salvation is there.

    79. ROBBIN - WTBY
    Never use the excuse, "I'm not perfect" God loves us with our faults so long as we try to do our best. Keep the commandments and God will guide you down the right path.

    80. ARLENE - WTBY
    Very peaceful! Exhiliration. We all should read something very something so good.

  9. 81. JILL - WTBY
    I believe in the Lord. Ask for forgiveness and he will answer. But stop the drinking and being nasty. God don't want that from anyone. Just believe in God.

    82. PAM - WTBY
    I love God always have and I never forgot it.

    It was words of wisdom. Makes you think about what your doing in life.

    84. TIFFANY - WTBY
    It's very true and I think all people should do their best to follow. Starting over can work great, especially if you want to make a change in your life.

    Jesus is life.

    86. XIOMARA - WTBY
    A blessing come my way.

    I agree. I feel that in order to be as happy as we can be, we should follow the commandments and even if we mess up to keep trying and do the best we can.

    88. JOSH
    It was very good. I especially like the way Jesus said abide in his love.

    89. CAROL - WTBY
    Jesus says follow the commandments no matter what cause he will always be there for you if you do. Love Jesus cause he loves you.