Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Distracted by the world

Matthew 13:22
Distracted by the world

“And the one on whom seed was sown among thorns, this is the man who hears the word, and the worry of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches choke out the word, and it becomes unfruitful.” – Jesus

     If I were to ask if you had spent time with God today, what would your answer be? Talking to my friends and asking this question, many times I get the response, “I just didn’t get the time” or “I know I need to, but maybe I can get some time in tonight.” Many of my friends, myself included, have an intense love for God and yet so frequently our walk becomes unfruitful and full of discouraging falls into temptation and every time with out fail, it is from being distracted and neglecting our time with God.
     My question for you today is the same. Have you spent time with God today, reading from His word, and in prayer? Jesus hits our excuses exactly when He says, “The worries of the world (Bills, Security) and the deceitfulness of riches (Seeking after things to make our lives more fulfilled) choke out the word and it becomes unfruitful.” These things consume us and rob us of our fruit. We are either caught up in the fears of staying ahead of the bills, or distracted by our love for the things of this present life that we are working hard to attain. Our time for God has become secondary, or worse, – last, to all of our other pursuits. My brothers and sisters – The Devil is robbing you of your fruit! He is robbing you not only of your peace and joy here on earth, but also of your eternal inheritance and the riches that God would have been storing up for you as you bore fruit!
     If you don’t wake up and take time for God you will be choked out! Your life will be barren of all joy and fruit! Don’t give yourself any more excuses as to why you don’t have time for God or you may find yourself standing outside the gate knocking and Jesus saying, “Depart for I never knew you.” The truth is you never took the time to know Him. This is not the time to play games with God and fit Him in when you have the time. He is a true friend! Don’t shut Him out of your life for the things of this passing world! He is the Creator of all and will give you victory over your circumstances and over your trials, and your temptations! He will be there for you - I promise! He will make sense out of your hectic day and cause things to go smoothly if you put Him first before all else! Don’t wait for the right time – make Him first and all other things to wait for Him. He will bless all that you do and satisfy your life with joy and good things! Make Him first today and renew your first love for Him!
     The generation we live in is full of sin, worldliness and selfishness. We must make God first in our lives if we are to break out of this mold and become fruitful! May God bless each of you today with His Holy Fire! God bless!

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