Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jesus Has Overcome The World

John 16: 31-33
Jesus Has Overcome The World

     Jesus answered them, “Do you now believe? Behold an hour is coming, and has already come, for you to be scattered, each to his own home, and to leave Me alone; and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me. These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

     The question for today is, “Have you been scattered”? Have you been holding on to Jesus as your Savior and support and yet your confidence has been shaken because of the great trials that have come upon you, and you have asked – Where are you Jesus in my hour of need? Have the trials been so great that you have fled for your life in despair that not even God could save you from them anymore? Jesus’ words are as much for us today as they were for His disciples. Jesus was about to be publicly executed which He knew would greatly weaken their belief and confidence that He was indeed the promised Messiah for whom they had forsaken their earthly comforts and homes to follow. The disciples had given up everything in this world to follow Him and suddenly their trust and faith was going to be tested. Jesus promises them that He will be their peace in the midst of the trial and that though there was going to be tribulation, He had overcome it.
     Why does Jesus’ “overcoming of the world” give us courage? What did this mean for them and what does it mean for us? Jesus’ words were His confirmation that He had not bowed to any of the temptations and that He was about to give the final blow to the hold that sin had upon their lives. His last great battle was about to be won in which the devil’s power over us would be crushed once and for all, opening the door to the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit upon all who believed in Him and forever changing the world. Jesus was clearing the road that led to our Heavenly Father that we might be reunited with Him and become a new creation. Jesus was not saying that they would have no more tribulation on earth, but that He had purchased the peace of pardon so that our souls would no longer be at war with God, but full of His Life and Power. Jesus is telling them that He was going to be victorious in spite of their inability to stand up in the midst of the trial.
     So what does this mean for us? Jesus’ words, “Take courage, for I have overcome the world” are for us in the same way, that though the trial may have caused us to lose our confidence in Him, yet He will be faithful to rescue us anyway. He is with us even when we have forsaken Him because of our doubts and fears and He will complete the good work He has started in us because He loves us and has already overcome the world on our behalf.
     So take courage my brothers and sisters – in this world you will have tribulation that will cause you to stumble in your faith, but God will surely rescue you for He loves you and has overcome the world for you that you might be with Him forever! 
     God bless you all!


  1. 1. GUEMAN - WTBY
    God is always be for you and never say never God is with you.

    2. ERICA - WTBY
    What I read makes you believe God did sacrifce for us so our burdens can be taken from us!

    3. NILZA
    This is true cause we are so much in trouble. I'm waiting for him. God bless you.

    4. MONICA - WTBY
    I like this it because its the truth. Jesus did die for our sins. So we can be saved. This I believe! Thank you.

    There is a lot of truth to this. He's the Son of God and died on cross for us. I sort of lost my faith because of the kind of life I live. I haven't lived a very good life.

    6. MARC - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I think this was meant to give hope peace to people. I think it's nice if you believe in such teachings then its a helpful thing.

    7. KAYSHNO - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I beleive this. I sure do.

    It is a good pary and people should get with God no matter what.

    9. JOEL - WTBY
    I think this is true and I feel appreciated him

    10. MICHAEL - WTBY
    To be honest I know he is our pass to go into heaven but I also know it is up to those who want to follow him. Frome what I read he will forgive us no matter the great sin we did for he chose himself to be crossed not another person. That's my comment on this passage.

    11. ELLEN - WTBY
    I believe it is calling time. He will arive again I believe deep in my heart.

  2. 12. JUSTICE - WTBY
    On what I read it was amazing & inpiring to me.

    13. ANNONYMOUS (Did prior study/ies)
    He was the RANSOM and overcame the world. I believe so.

    I fully believe Christ died for our sins and has saved me. I live for Him now, not myself. I'm being baptized tomorrow 8-16-14.

    15. TIFFANY
    In God we're good in the world we're not.

    16. ROBERTO - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I believe in what I just read is true. And I beleive in Jesus even doing my trials.

    I just read the passage and I agree completely. I've had some rough times where I devoted myself and the Lord but he always brought me through and for that my love is greater along with my Faith.

    18. REBA - WTBY
    I liked this . It was neat to read.

    19. DONTIS - WTBY
    This is exactly what I've learned in church about desciples loosing faith in him.

    20. RACHAEL - WTBY
    AWESOME. I agree. Jesus is bigger than any problem in this world. just like He never gave into temptation that should also be our goal but if we do just know that he will keep helping us until we get it right.

    21. ADRIAN - (Did prior study/ies)
    I believe that he is coming. And that those who are ready will go with him. Those who aren't will burn in hell forever.

    It's true.

    23. STEVE - WTBY
    Yes I believe in Jesus and with him the world is a place.

  3. 24. LEROY - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    God is Truth, Son and Father is One.

    25. DWAINE - WTBY
    I believe in everything I read.

    26. ALISHA - WTBY
    HE overcame the world He still does. And he will till the end.

    27. SASHA - WTBY
    This is true. He died so that we may live. We shall overcome through Him dying on the cross.

    28. HOPE - WTBY
    Jesus overcame the world.

    29. SHKWCONA
    Have hope b/c God can help through all tribulations.

    30. CYNTHIA - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I fear no evil for Thou are with me. Psalms 23

    31. THALIA - WTBY
    Thank God for dying for our sins. Thank God for his grace and mercy.

    32. MICHELE - WTBY
    Jesus is good our father.

    This was very interesting and uplifting. Thank you.

  4. 34. FRANKIE - WTBY
    To give this world to Jesus!

    35. JENNIFER (Did prior study/ies)
    This is interesting because its teaching us how and why God is giving us love and taking our burdens and forgiving us. Now is our turn to give back.

    36. MAT -
    Why is god supposed to be a human? If all men are created equal then why is god so powerful and great?

    Born again Christian. I liked this. It was real. i believe in Jesus. he got me out of a lot of trouble. Just lost my wife year ago.

    38. SHARON
    I believe and I do talk to Jesus every day.

    39. SARA - WTBY
    God knows when my faith is weak and when I struggle. And every time he sends someone with a word. Thank you Father.

    40. BEN - WTBY
    This was good.

    41. XAVIER - WTBY
    I read about Jesus being my Savior.

    42. TRACY
    I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is my Lord and Savior.

    43. JORGE
    What i read gave me a new perspective on God.

  5. 44. SHERITA - WTBY
    I think what Jesus is saying is that no matter what we go through we should keep the Faith alive and trust in him for he will never leave us.

    45. DAMON - WTBY
    I think that Jesus died on the cross to take our sins away. Also not to give up on any
    situation because the outcome will be good.

    46. T.S. - WTBY
    When I read that section it was far beyond words everything was good and true.

    47. ELLEN - WTBY
    Jesus is always with us through all our trials and tribulations no matter what our faith is. He stands with us.

    Very inspiring and mind changing in discribing the charges Jesus has conquered.

    48.5. The Go-er
    I think I know what Adrianna is trying to say. I too was amazed how you, Seth, explained how Jesus conquered "overcame the world". I never thought of it in the depth that you explained it, from crushing the devils power over us to opening the door to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit , to reuniting us, then to a new creation. Awesome how you did that.

    Opened my eyes. Feels like there is hope.

    50. LINDA -
    I think it was great. I used to go to church every Sunday.

    51. DAVID - WTBY
    I stand by it.

    52. LINDA - (Did prior study/ies)
    Jesus was a good man. When we need him he is always there.

    53. TOM - WTBY
    It was a good passage.

  6. 54. DAISY
    I believe Jesus is coming again.

    55. SHIRLEY - WTBY
    I believe in Jesus.

    Jesus is giving us a chance to see life and the world the same way he does.

    57. HELEN - WTBY
    I believe what I have read is the truth. God gave his last for human beings to have peace. I rely on God to ge me through all my hard times.

    58. LAURA - WTBY
    I thought this was very inspiring. My thoughts were'nt on Jesus so far today so now I can finish my day thinking of Jesus. TY.

    59. STEVE - WTBY
    This was good. I believe in Jesus my Savior. He guides you through things in life.

    I believed it. I liked this.

    61. MIKE - WTBY
    Powerful words. Thought provoking.

    62. WENDY - WTBY
    I believe in Jesus and almost lost faith in him. When I got very ill. Hegot me thru my surgery and has restored my Faith in him. It's true he never leaves us.

    63. JOHN - WTBY
    Life works in mysterous ways.

    64. LILY - WTBY
    This is true indeed. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me and that He loves me. My job is to have faith and wait until i see him again . Amen.

    65. DOREEN - WTBY
    God is the only one in charge.

  7. 66. KEVIN - WTBY
    The world has strayed to far from this personal sacrifice for the good of others. Each of us need to think of others and not always oursleves.

    67. CHARLES - WTBY
    This was very enlightning.

    68. TABITHA -
    This was very informative and inspirational.

    69. FRANK
    I think he love everything and he care about us.

    70. E.C. - WTBY
    I think it made some interesting points about Jesus coming back to save the world and take us away from pain.

    71. SAMUEL
    After reading about Jesus work on the cross, I am encouraged to know that He has concoured the world and sin. it gives me peace to know that as long as we believe in Him, we will recieve help from His Spirit and find hope in His Word. I'm thankfull He has sent messengers to affirm this truth.

    72. EUGENE - WTBY
    I think Jesus is with us no matter what even if we forsake in him.

    73. SANDY
    Very powerful message.

    74. SHERMAN - WTBY
    I do believe its true and we tend to forget that in our time of trouble.

    75. SHARENE - WTBY
    I believe that we go through trials and tribulations as test. The feel that God is always by our side makes situations easier.

    76. KELLY - WTBY
    I think Jesus is telling us that we can rise above all oour fears and challenges.

    77. FELICIA - WTBY
    Giving time God is good. He my Savior.

  8. 78. SHARLECE - WTBY
    I greatly believe in Jesus and God. This peiceof literature just reminded me ofhow far I have become with the Lord and i thank you for coming to me today.

    79. PADDY
    God will help all of us, God will not let the devil win.

    80. MIRANDA - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    Jesus has courage and is able to help anyone.

    81. MALAINA - WTBY
    What I have read is that Jesus has sacrifced his life for us and i thank him for that.

    82. MELONY - WTBY
    I think this is a great way of getting people to believe in God because he loves everybody.

    83. RAHMAL - WTBY
    I thought this was wonderful it was wonderful that he savedus and I got to learn something new.

    84. JESSICA - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    I think that God is always with us no matter how hard our situation is . God never leave us alone. Things may take time but God is always there for us.

    85. KEISHA - WTBY
    He gave his life for us.

    86. JAY - WTBY
    Jesus can help everyone.

    87. BRYNN -WTBY
    I really enjoy reading this.

    88. ROBERT
    This was ok.

  9. 89. NICOLE - WTBY
    I think that is very true about Jesus and I felt so much better about my life just reading that. It was very encouraging.

    90. JOSE - WTBY
    A good message of faith and hope.

    91. TOSHA - WTBY
    I think this is a message to restore faith even when everything seems to be at it's worst. I really needed this message!

    I think this is a good message sending to people and inpired me to work harder in life.

    93. MARY
    This was good.

    The Word was goood.

    95. CRYSTAL
    It was good that he did that for us.

    96. MATTHEW - WTBY
    Was good everything on it about the cross.

    97. SHANNAN - WTBY
    I am very much at peace in my world but do not practice any certain religion.I feel everyone whould believe in something though.

    I believe everything of this.

    99. CHAD
    (After a friend read this message to Chad he said the following for me to write for him-The Go-er) The reason I lost faith in God was because I felt like my prayers were not being answered. I felt praying was useless.This was when I was a Christian. I was an atheist for a couple of months. I was hospitalized. Then I started looking for a new religion. I found the "Baptist" church.

    Chad continued to talk about finding this new church, yet he still sounded like he was missing something that he was searching for. I asked him if he ever invited Jesus into his heart. He said no.

    Chad invited Jesus into his heart today. \0/

  10. 100. MILES - NAUGATUCK
    I think Jesus will not stop his journey to overcome the world.

    101. JOSELYN - WTBY
    I believe that this piece of paper speaks to peoples life and it spoke to mine. Jesus is the best there is. Keep preaching the Gospel. God bless you (heart)

    102. SAMANTHA - WTBY
    I think is amazing how he died forus on the cross to save our soul. Jesus is a great example for all of us.

    103. JAYSMM - WTBY
    Jesus prayed for them while he was on the cross and he forgave them.

    104. CRYSTAL - WTBY
    This article I read was very very inspiring. I felt assif it was actually written towards my life.

    105. SAMANTHA - WTBY
    I believe he has me!!!

    106. ANGIE - WTBY
    Very inspiriing...Thank you!

    107. SHALONNE - WTBY
    Jesus does inspire me.

    108. JONATHAN - WTBY
    It's was Amazing.

  11. 109. MIA - WTBY (Did prior study/ies)
    Our God will never put more on us than we can bare! Be patient blessing is coming.

    It's mainly about how he overcomes and how we feel about it in our life today an cause of this i am a better man today.

    111. ERNIE - WTBY
    I have held on to Jesus and never will give up but I do feel like sometimes where is he now. I agree with what I read. I feel the same way.

    112. ANNETTE - WTBY
    Very encouraging and uplifting.

    113. LAWANDA - WTBY
    Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins.

    114. ALFRED - WTBY
    Jesus was saying to the people to believe in him.

    115. RAFAEL - WTBY
    I believe in very thing in this paper. Thank you God. +

    116. JACLYN
    This was good.

    117. ALICIA - WTBY
    I think this is telling us that because Jesus has overcome the world that it is possible for us to overcome our problems and tribulations as well.

    I believe that this letter speaks the thoughts of all serious Christians.

  12. 119. JOSE - WTBY
    I think Jesus is a great part of our lives and without him there won't be no faith.

    120. ANTHONY - WTBY (12 yrs old- read with grandparent permission)
    Jesus loves us even when we do something bad.

    121. LOLA - WTBY
    Jesus overcame.

    Jesus has all the power.

    123. ROSEMARY - WTBY
    I fully agree and take joy in the fact that Jesus died for my sins and I have been saved by His grace.

    124. KEE - WTBY
    What I read had really open my eyes to see what he can do.

    125. CARLOS - WTBY
    Jesus is telling us to have faith in him even when he is not here!

    126. PATSY - WTBY
    Our Lord gave us his only son so we can have life everlasting.