Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spend Some Time With The Lord

Isaiah 30:15, 18
Spend Some Time With The Lord

For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, “In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.”
Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; how blessed are all those who long for Him.

In my times of reading the Bible this past week I have been noticing more than usual that God is continually being praised for being a God of justice. Every verse has been that He will bring down the oppressor and those who rob the poor and who deal unjustly with their fellow men. Just making it clear that the wicked will not go unpunished and those who try to keep His laws will not go unrewarded. Verse after verse says, Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord! Rejoice in the Lord for He will raise up the humble and do good to those who have placed their trust in Him! Each verse speaks so confidently of God that He is faithful and will defend the oppressed and bless the righteous.
“How blessed are all who long for Him.” Do you find yourself thinking about the Lord a lot during the day or are you someone who is just realizing right now that you almost never think about Him at all unless something goes wrong in your life and you want it fixed? There is a big difference between those who long for the Lord and those who just need something fixed. Imagine the garage mechanic, who you only see when your car breaks down and sure you appreciate the work he does in keeping you mobile. He helps you to be able to carry on with your life with no delays, but that is as far as it goes. As long as everything is working you are fine without him in your life. 
God is someone who actually wants to be completely involved in your life. Every part of it. He is not far off, and keeping Himself out of your life. He is patiently waiting for you to come to Him. He is not the mechanic. He is a best friend full of wisdom, advice, and amazing plans. He is a shoulder to cry on, an ear that will listen as you pour out your grief. He can comfort a weary heart and if you are close to Him you can actually feel the warmth of His comforting arms as He puts them around you. He can put the pieces of whatever mess you have made back together. He is the best friend you could ever hope to have and never is at a loss when you bring Him your problems.
If you have not made Him your best friend, He is longing to be part of your life. These verses tell the simple path to having Him as your best friend. 
Now, to seek Him out, you must let go of your pride and every thought of how good a person you think you are or even how bad a person you think you are. So many people won’t come to the Lord because they think they are to bad for Him to want them. He says, “Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore waits on high to have compassion on you.”  If you simply say, “Lord I’m sorry for my sins, please help me to keep Your  laws.” He will come quickly to you and establish the wonderful relationship He has for you. He longs to be your best friend. “How blessed are all those who long for Him.”

The Lord has such a simple and yet marvelous plan for people. He wants to love them and raise them up to be His friends. Such a simple concept and yet so few people will take Him up on this blessing He has for them. Those of us who already know the Lord, still have such little understanding of the blessing of having Him as our best friend! We are continually putting Him to the side in pursuit of other things and neglecting the best gift ever for the sake of other things that will pass away. I was marveling the other day at the beautiful trees changing color and how God designed each one to grow from a little seed with the entire blue print of their size, shape and color all packed inside. Truly a marvel! The truth is that we are not smart enough to appreciate and know what is truly going on inside of all the things He created, to marvel at them. If we were we would be beyond amazed at every little detail of this world. Our God is a genius! Did you know that He covers a tree with thousands of little solar panels called leaves that bring forth and produce all the energy for the tree? Then when they are not needed they fall off and regrow in the spring. There is more amazing design in one leaf than we could possibly take in and yet these marvels happen in every area of creation! Now tell me, doesn’t that make you want to get to know our God better? He is offering Himself as our closest companion! 

          Let’s spend some time with Him today!    :)


  1. 1. ROSE
    This is really really true. Please help me keep your laws...uh hun.
    I am a child of God.

    This was very motivation.

    3. ALYSSA
    In worst times He is always there. Jesus is my best Friend.

    4. C.J.
    I think this tells people that the Lord will always be there to help you.

    This is good.

    6. ALICIA
    Right now I'm going through something and I want God's help, but I fear he won't help me. I go to God when there is a problem, but when things were fine I didn'tgo to him.

    7. CRYSTAL
    This was great read Jesus is the answer.

    8. ANGEL
    This is so true and I love Jesus.

    9. TAYLOR
    I think that God is giving a message saying He is much more and willing to come into your life if you are willing to open your life up with Him;not use Him.

    10. ANGEL
    I believe this is a good article a nd I like how they portray God notas a mechanic but as a Savior.

  2. 11. ERICA
    I think that this text is very true and I feel the same way.

    I really enjoyed reading this piece. I love God so much and I completely agree with seeking Him at all times. Not only in the bad but also in the good. Thank you. :)

    13. DONNA
    I usually only pray when I need fixin. but I think I can do this.

    14. CYNTHIA
    Has a lot of meaning to me. I know the Lord and everything in this is very true!

    15. ELIJAH
    Lots of strong meaning to this.

    16. LISA
    Its the truth. Some people only look for God when they really need it.
    (Commitment to pray every day).

    17. JESSICA
    This is very true and inspiring.

    18. ANTHONY
    I've always believed in the Lord and he has done great things for me.

    19. DESTINY
    Just had time to read first paragraph and it is right.

    20. DEAN
    This was highly inspiring and motivating. It served as a reminder for me to ackknowledge the love of Christ in my life.

  3. 21. JEREMIAH
    A beautiful truth about how loving and forgiving our Lord is.

    22. EPHIRIUM
    What I just read was the same thing I always reach for. For the Lord is my friend and Savior.

    23. EMILY
    There are times I think above God , for several reasons. His existence is everrything. I have many family members who've found happiness because they Embrace God. I wonder alot if I do the same, Will I feel just as happy?

    24. JOHN
    I think it is amazing.

    This is an inpire thought.

    26. ALANA
    I believe that this is very inspiriational and true.

    27. JOEL
    I thought this was very interesting and true in many ways. I'm not religious but I do agree with to what this states.

    28. DANIELLE
    Very interesting topic and I agree.

    29. JOYLENE
    It is very important to have the Lord in your life and not only when you need some help havehim around all the time in good and bad.

    30. JENNIFER
    I believe its true people look in God when things going bad. Personally I think of him not everyday but here n there. I thank him every morning for being alive.

    I've been thinking about this most of my life. How to start a relationship with .It's hard because I'm doing drugs.

    32. PETER
    For those who struggle with their spirituality this brings up some encouraging points. It would be helpful to people interested in Christianity but hesitent to start practicing.

    33. JOYA
    This remind me to include God in all my daily decisions.

    34. JOHN
    You are right. You need Jesus in every part of your life.

    35. JASMINE
    This was okay for me.

    36. LARRY
    God is better to me than I am to myself.

  5. 38. TANYA
    The Lord is our Savior. Seek Him. All Prayers(things) shall be answered.

    39. TOM
    This was beautiful and full of wisdom. Thank you. god bless.

    40. NAIJAH
    I think what I read is true and I do pray or ask for help when I'm in trouble. But I can't remember the last time I prayed without needing to get out or a certain situation. It helped me realize that.

    41. SHANEL
    This is very true. Never read anthing like this.

    42. CARLOS
    I think that if you don't follow the Lord you will be lost.

    People should believe in God.

    44. KELLY
    This makes sense. Just because you may have everything in your life it doesn't mean you don't need God.

    45. JELINA
    I think that script is right but I go when I need something fixed sometimes only.

    46. ANDREW
    I believe people should seek God in good and bad not oonly when is needed or wanted.

  6. 47. FRANK
    People should believe in God.

    48. LISA
    This was a good article. My only suggestion is to make it more neutral to all genders.

    49. MATTHEW
    (An athiest). There's no fact for all this just blind faith. I believe that facts are whats important and morals not what a being or book tells you to do.

    50. RAQUEL
    It's true most people only go to him when they need him not when they should alwayss.

    51. AHMAD
    This is all about opening up your heart and sharing your pain with a Best friend - GOD!

    52. CHRIS
    It makes sense you never believe to only call upon when needing something.

    53. ROSEMARY
    What I read is very true. Don'tjust seek him when you need him.

    54. DENISE
    I do not only seek him at my lowest. I also prase him at my highest.

    55. JENNIFER
    I know God is the only one that can solve my problems and I also know he is the only one I can say my best friend.

  7. 56. CARMEN
    This is real what is in ther read. A lot of people look for God when they are in a problem.

    57. JUNIOR
    I think everyone should spend more time with HIm.

    58. ADONIS
    This made me realize how little time I didicate thinking about God. And how distant I'm from him. And He is love and not matter what he will there for me. And by truly repenting.

    59. ANGELICA
    I liked this and I deff need him in my life.

    60. MARGIRTA
    God wants a intimate relationship with me and seek him for all things.

  8. 61. VICTOR
    God is good and his Glory never Ends.

    When people are in trouble thats when they choose to seek God.

    63. ASHLEY
    I think this is very true that God is there for us in any situation the good and the bad.

    I believe God grants us the strength but we must find the courage. Belief and reverence in God is belief that He can guide us, but we must accept help, not pride.

    65. SETORIA
    I do believe in God and I talk to him all the time.

    This is true.

    67. KASS - ( Introduced herself to me as an athiest).
    This was very interesting. Will consider this god character.

    68. CLAYTON
    Informative, I already have been taught this message but it's a great way to reach people.

    Very interesting though I am agnostic.

    70. JOE
    Why do we need Jesus

    71. FREDDY
    The Lord is Loving and always with U Just ask and He responded Thanks Lord.

  9. 72. EDDY
    God is always there for you no matter what some people more than others.

    73. JUSTIN
    I think its true. People only cry out for God when they need but they should think about him all the time.

    74. SABRINA
    I thought this is the truth and it was an inspiring peice for people who really do that.

    75. ROBERTO
    I always think about the Lord Everyday because life isn't easy.

    This was worth the time to read.

    77. YDIANA
    God is good.

    78. YVETTE
    God is my only Friend, that I can trust, there not a day that I don't talk how much I love him.

    People should take a min to thank him and its not about Religion is about friendship.

    80. THE GO-ER
    An athiest named Chad chose to believe in Jesus today. He repented of his sins to Him, invited Him into his heart, and asked Him to lead him to heaven. After he prayed, he said with a thumbs up, " a fresh start" and I said, "yea", and I said , "and doesn't it feel good?" and with a big smile he said, "Yea". :)

    This is true.

    82. ELIEZER
    I think this is true about some people who only look to God when they're wronged.

  10. 83. TAMARA
    God is gracious and he is a Forgiving God.

    84. EDWARD
    This is true.

    85. SHANIA
    What I read is very true about the Lord. He is good no matter what the situation.

    86. DARLENE
    I thought this was all true.

    87. KRI...
    I go to God for advice protection for me, my kids, and wife. I believe he is by my side through all my sins and loves me just as much.

    88. YAMEL
    I think God is a wonderful God. He is our Father. I think people should carry God every where they go.

    I think its right. I believe and understand everything this was saying.

    90. KENT
    Great is the God of Israel. Mercy and Grace as a one God that save all.

    91. MICHELE
    I just lost my mother this week and this was nice to be reminded that I can pour out my greif to him and he will comfort me.

    92. JEURY
    I feel we should get on our knees and pray to the Lord and fast. And we go to give to Him by fasting.

    93. OCEANNA
    I think this will help make a non-believer a believer :)

  11. 94. PEDRO
    I really do and I like this.

    95. ALONDA
    I don't know a lot of English but God is Great and love him so much.

    96. SCOTT
    I think Jesus is cool.

    97. ANTHONY
    God is my best friend.

    98. SHAHEGNA
    Good thing come to those who seek him.

    99. ALISON
    What I read is truly Amazing and True. I am blessed every day and I pray that al who read what I have read are blessed.

    100. JAMES
    No one is ever too good to believe in God.

  12. 101. TIM
    God is your Best Friend all the Time.

    102. JESSICA
    I believe the Lord is with me at all times when my heart is still is when I hear him.

    103. GUS
    I thought this was inspiring truethful and hones.

    104. EDWARD
    I'm a firm believer in the Almightty. I seek and speak to him daily and believe in his presence.

    105. RUTH
    This is good what they say about God. He is our best friend.

    106. CARLA
    I only read half (bus coming) and I know Jesus is not a mechanic.

    107. MIKE
    It's true some people use God as a mechanic. I need to be more close to God.

    108. KEN
    I think The Lorrrd is needed in everyones life. Bless The Lord.