Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Power Of Prayer

The Power Of Prayer

     Prayer really is the most powerful tool we posses. The devil knows that God hears the cries of His people and that he will have to turn and run from the situation. The Devil is very careful to try and not get us riled up enough to call for help. Instead he lulls us to sleep with pleasant distractions until we have no voice to cry out to God with. Let us wake up and use our voices to good account! The Devil loves it when we are asleep. Let us give him something to be afraid of! Let us pray for Christ’s light to shine brightly from us. Let out hearts be continually towards everyone around us. Let us not be distracted by physical comforts or caught up in ourselves! Let us move forward in Christ as able members of His body. Let Heaven be in our sight at all times and let us not forget that we are strangers in a land that is not our own, but is passing away.


  1. Brillilant exhortation! Right from the heart, Seth! I loved this! I was inspired to sally forth into the battle with the my light saber--the Word of God--and with prayer upon my lips! --Aunt Sue

  2. Yes. I agree prayer is the most powerful tool for us to talk to God.
    Even Jesus used it when He was on this earth to talk to His Father.
    As a matter of fact, the most beautiful prayer I ever heard was the one
    when Jesus prays for Himself, deciples, AND us.(Jn17). I literally
    cried and cried the first time I read these verses. I said to Myself,
    He is praying for "us". His praying was so purely sincere and
    humble. His very deep love for us He spoke. Thank you Jesus.

  3. Yesterday I pulled up some weeds which were not too close to one of my bean plants, but the roots ran deep. The bean plant tipped over. I propped the bean plant up with some of the compost mulch we were using. Later as we remove weeds from our life God may bring to our notice that our roots may not be grounded very deep. When there seems to be contradictory doctrines, is the time that we definitely need prayer. I prayed with my wife last night for deeper roots and to rely more in Christ and less in what other's say especially when it contradicts or doesn't mention as so in the Bible. At times it seems easier to bend over as the bean plant did and pray for only physical things at church instead of spiritual health (for example). I can use prayer for deeper roots that is grounded in Christ's love. To continue to build up our walls of salvation (Isaiah 60:10, 18) -- for wisdom = knowing evil -- for understanding = departing from evil -- for knowledge (that which are given as a free promised gift such as 1 Cor 15:34, Gal 5:16, 1 John 3:6,9) -- diligently build up knowledge upon virtue (Christ's healing power making us entire) and the knowledge of God, knowledge of glory in the face of Christ, knowledge of holy, etc.. I'm waiting for God to show me that I have knowledge before I move on to temperance and patience. These things I am looking for prayer for myself and my family and to continue to consecrate myself to God. Lev 8 we consecrate first then God sanctifies and in the process of these there is a holiness that occurs when the priests eat their portion of the food. We are to remain consecrated and Christ's blood sanctifies us. Continued guidance and direction of my path from God and seeking God's counsel directed by the Holy Spirit are other prayers I could use.

  4. Hello Tom. It sounds so nice that you and your wife pray
    together. How beautiful and blessed you are. Jesus said,
    "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am in
    their mist".How blessed. When you pray together,
    instantly He is in your midst.

    Thank you for leading me into Isaiah, 1Co, 1Jn, Gal,
    and Lev. I checked out all the verses you quoted in
    relationship to your comments. I loved doing so.
    I'd love to comment more on your scriptures,
    but I could go on forever.

    As for your last sentence, I also raise my hand
    and say, "me too". I need His guidance every day,
    every hour. God give me, Tom and his wife,( and anyone
    who is with us now) your Spirit guidance. Amen

  5. Seth,
    Even though I have read the bible cover to cover 9th time now, I always have questions on Gods Word. Could this be a place I can ask them? I'll only ask one question per week and will try not to disrupt your message. I will only ask my questions
    at the end of the week after people post thier comments. I have no place else to ask them. I am now going through Leviticus. I must warn you, my questions will not be easy. Will you help me? I would have asked you through email, but didn't know how.
    God Bless.

    1. Hi Claudette, I'll be happy to do my best at answering your questions. If you like you can also e-mail me at to go into further details or discussion. -Seth

    2. One more quick note. What I would like to do is if the question is pertaining to my post then I will do my best to answer it here. If it simply other questions regarding the Bible and our Christian walk then you can email them to me at and we can talk that way. So any comment about these posts I will publish on these pages but if they are separate topics I will most likely not publish them but rather just stay in touch with you personally. -Seth

    3. well i tryed to read through a couple times