Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Answers To Prayer, Not The Theory Of Evolution

Answers To Prayer
Not The Theory Of Evolution

     I just wanted to share an interesting lesson that God taught me a few weeks ago. I was earnestly seeking the Lord about some things on my heart and I told the Lord, “Maybe Your answer will come tomorrow.” And the Lord immediately rebuked me and said, “That kind of faith does not please Me, you pray today, you pray for your answer today, this is the faith that pleases Me.” As you can imagine, that brought me up short real quick because I really wanted faith that pleases God and so many times when we are waiting for an answer to a prayer we just assume in the back of our mind that maybe His answer will be some other day, maybe tomorrow. And to make things even more interesting in this matter between He and I, this was a question I had always asked the Lord, “Why is it always tomorrow and never today?” So when He brought me up short and told me, “You believe today.” His choice of words was very interesting to me.
     This made me start to think a lot more clearly about faith. The truth is, if we fall into doubting God’s answers to prayer or just say with a sigh that maybe it will come tomorrow, we actually fall into believing in the theory of evolution - which is that somehow given enough time, some kind of answer will just come about. So instead of believing in the word of God and His own promises to answer our requests, and that once He has spoken it is as good as done even if it takes a bit of time, we fall into believing that if somehow enough time goes by there is a chance that there might be an answer in it somewhere, and that, with the vagueness of time, and it’s mysterious effects there is more chance of the answer happening. Complete trust that God has given the answer and will complete it, this is the faith that pleases Him.
     I had never considered unspoken doubt and reliance on time to actually be agreeing with the theory of evolution - The theory that given enough time and chance something will happen. With God there is no need for time even if He does choose to use it to complete His work. However, time is not the answer. Once He has spoken it will be done as He has promised. So faith for today is the faith that pleases His heart because He can see our trust in His goodness and love towards us. He loves us with a love that really is too deep for words to describe and if we have any doubt that He will answer it hurts His heart to see how little we know Him or trust Him.
     This lesson has given me a whole new expectation in every area of my prayer life because belief in His answer today is to believe in His great love for us and once we have believed, there may be delays in the completion of His answer, but never in the surety of it being answered. Anything less is to believe in the theory of evolution - “Somehow, maybe if enough time goes by it will happen.”
     God gives His word and we can trust His word for by His word He created all that we see - and us! 
God bless you all!


  1. Very nice point of view, I totally agree. I sometimes say with the believers of evolution, time is the god. Time can do what God does, no.

  2. HI Seth and roomies.
    Seth, this was the first time I had to reread your message because when I first read it, the theory of evelution, which I dont know much about through me off track. When I first read it, with a confused mind( the evelution thing was doing that to me) I thought you were saying God prefers us not to consider a time element in God answering our prayers. Then the Lord revealed to me how you said in paragraph 4, "with God there is no need for time even if He does choose to use it to complete His work." And, when you said at end , "There may be delays in the completion of His answer, but never in the surety of it being answered. I understand now what you are saying . Thanks.
    I love what you said about God!!!

  3. We are so busy remembering the past planning our lives we forget who is in control and has a purpose and plan for us= Jesus.We miss out on the blessings of today, as simple as a bird sings. Sometimes we are blindsighted - we misss the small still voice of God. It's all about patience and the trusting in God. Nothing happens by chance with God. Everything is God ordained. While I'm writting, I continue to praise and be thankful- He will bring me through His way. Sandy U.

  4. the lord always will stop and listen to us. even when we think hes not listening. we have to remember, to wait for his time for everything. the heart knows when we here his word. i for one had been asking for his help this week with a loved one who needed his hands off help. thank you dear lord .ps,dont stop your love and help now. love Rose

  5. Since becoming Saved in '98 and and in 2012 seriously re-entering the world of GOD, and my SAVIOR JESUS, I used to believe that 'crucial' prayers would be answered rather quickly. Then doubt set in, I wasn't worthy-all the really bad things I did so long ago, but I kept trying to pray,but with that in my head,prayers weren't real important. Then about 1 1/2 yrs. later (recent!), my main prayer was answered & a large weight was lifted. So as a professional non-believer until recently, please listen.
    If a prayer was answered for me, no matter 1 month, 2 years, whatever, prayers will be answered to anyone. Still have a whole lot to learn-baby steps. In my opinion, don't feel like you have to surround yourself 24 hrs a day, with reading Bible,but try & bring Jesus,or GOD, your beliefs, once into each day.
    Still do the wrong things but I'm getting there and prayer is a really great wayto start. I did. OK said too much already!Laurie S.

    1. The Lord is trying to tell us to be faithful and to trust Him for the answers will come. Its all about Him not about us. God has reasons to take as long as He wants. We think that He has to answer us when we want Him to. Trust comes from waiting no mater how long it takes. I hope this answers your questions. Have a blessed day everyone. Carmella M.

    2. Yes Lauri, its Lee Thornton . Ive read your tetimony and im glad you have recieved your Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Its a wonderfull felling to have Jesus in your life.Iknow the Lord has saved my life in all the things i have done in my lifeThe Two geatest comandments I try to live by are , Love God with all your heart soul mind and srength. And the second I give you is to love your neighbor as you love yourself . God Bless. Lee Thornton

  6. I turned to this bible study this week And my brother lived!
    I was told my brother had a brain anerisim in his sleep and was flown by starlife helicopter to Hartford Hospital. I got the message late.They said he was close to dying and needed brain surgery asap. As my sister and I drove to hospital, my sister said he may not be alive when we get there.Instantly Seth's messages came to me. I stood firm on the power of God. God did the miracle I asked for. They say he "miraculously " got well.He never even got the surgery. I know Jesus did a miracle.

  7. When God talks about evelution , in a way He does, everyone is created equal. It is up to us to keep the faith and trust that He is looking out for everybody. God Bless,

    Scott from Naugatuck

  8. Hello.I believe in the power of prayer and faith in GOD. GOD is pure spirit.
    There is a spirit world. Gloria

  9. I have always believed in true evolution, but I
    always believed in the Lord as my higher power. Years ago my mother taught us that the Lord will always be with us as long as we
    had faith and prayed. She also told us that God never said life would be easy. Through this faith has always help me through my hard times. Keep the faith!
    God Bless,
    Lisa Scott