Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Well of Life

John 4:7-10
The Well of Life

     There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food. The Samaritan woman therefore said to Him, “How is it that You, being a Jew, ask me for a drink since I am a Samaritan woman? (For Jews had no dealings with Samaritans) Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it was who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you Living Water.”

        The peace of God, 
        His joy and grace, 
        His pure life bubbling up inside us, 
        is given its rightful name – Living Water. 

How our loving Savior desires for us to drink of that water, and He is so willing to grant it to us! He shows us this desire by telling the woman that if she knew who He was she would ask for it and He would give it.
     How often Jesus must look down upon us and say to Himself, “How shall I draw them into asking Me for My Living Water?” He desires to give us things that we never even think to ask for. As in this case, Jesus draws the woman into a conversation about a cup of water only to use it as a way to draw her into asking for Living Water. This is something she would never have thought of asking for if He had not pointed it out.

     Brothers and sisters! Jesus makes the same offer to you. If you know who He is you will ask for this Living Water and He will give it to you. A well of Life bubbling up inside your heart! Refreshment for the spirit from Heaven!

        Now is the time to seek God earnestly for it! 

     And how do we do this?
Living Water comes from spending time with Jesus, time separating yourself unto God to seek Him earnestly for it. There is no substitute for a persistent quiet time with Him, Living Water cannot be had any other way.

     Everyone I know is making a commitment to do this by spending an hour with God everyday. We need our Savior to be the center of our lives again as He was when we were new Christians. Time and distractions have dulled the fire of our first love for Him. We need to rekindle it. So I urge each of you to join this commitment of spending an hour a day with God.

         Let us rise up and pray for a great revival in our land!

        God bless you all!


  1. I CAN'T SAY (I really don't know) if I spend 1complete full hr a day with God. I read my bible every morning and maybe a time or two throughout my day, and pray (talk to God) throughout. BUT I can say for sure (am positive) I talk to Him and spend more time with Him daily than I do anyone on this earth. No one even comes close to the time I spend with Him. (Not boasting in's just the way it is). Claudette FL

  2. pienso que esta escritura nosda un buen ejemplo para poder servir a dios y al projimo ya que la mujer samaritana sin saver queera dios nuestro senor le dio agua y le pregunta por que el ciendo un judio le pide agua a una mujer samaritana eso quiere decir quenohay quetener diferencias entre nosotros mismos y hay que ayudar al projimo...... nancy 19 guatemala

    1. Nancy said,
      I think this scripture gives us a good example of serving God. and others because the samaritan women's without knowing that our Lord gave her water and Him being a Jew and she being a samaritan that thier should be no prejudice among us and should help others. Luis Sarasota

  3. Dear Seth,
    I am always so thankful for your message. I am very grateful to GOD that I read HIS word and accept it. I think once we start to read the BIBLE like other books we try to analyze and break down and question a lot. But, when one is lead by the HOLY SPIRIT to understand the WORD of GOD, I think it feels filling and satisfying to the soul.

    I am hoping to say this correctly. I love when I read the BIBLE and the HOLY SPIRIT unveils the understanding. This is so different than when I read and try to analyze what is being said.

    I remember days ago, there was a strong spiritual revival. At this time I was in the country of my birth. Lots and lots of people were at revival services. People then were touched by the WORD of GOD and were reaching out to the LORD, raising their hands, shouting and crying out to GOD. Then I think people wanted to know and build a relationship with HIM. Today, in the same country, very few want to be open about the critical need for GOD in our lives. I think in this era, we are now trying to study and understand the BIBLE and connect to GOD in a "physical" way than in a "spiritual way".

    The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD is so real and intense. Recalling the words of a song that I love "Fill my cup LORD, I lift it up LORD. Come and quench the thirsting of my soul. Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more. Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole"

    I am excited for the Samaritan woman, knowing and understanding the conditions of her lifestyle and how she met JESUS. I am happy JESUS made a difference in my life. When we allow for JESUS to come into our hearts, it is such a wonderful feeling. I know I feel a change, a difference b/cause i have a personal relationship with the LORD.

    I love JESUS b/cause HE looks "beyond my faults and sees my needs". Each of us will have a different spiritual directive. Because I'm born again of the SPIRIT and WATER, it's important to know which road I should journey on. Each person's spiritual journey will take them to that place where GOD want him/her to go. And the LORD will provide all the equipment and necessities one will need then.

    GOD's Blessings,

    Sophia, CT

    1. HI Sophia. I beleive there are a few ways The Holy Spirit of God gives us the wisdom to understand the meaning of Scriptures in the bible. I beleive God can use humans to convey what the Holy Spirit has to tell them. I also beleive He uses His Word itself to reveal meanings of scriptures. He'll get you right to the perfect scripture to get you to understand another scripture. Just my opinon.
      God bless,
      Claudette FL

    2. Dear Claudette,

      Most certainly. The HOLY SPIRIT will redirect our paths, will open up the understanding to GOD's WORD. The BIBLE is one book consisting of many other Books. Yes, One Scripture will help us to understand the other. What I do mean to say is GOD's directions are in a "constant". A constant never changes it is always the same. The Holy Spirit guides us into understanding GOD's word. We cannot change to fit our own agenda.

      Certainly, GOD uses us (man) to carry out HIS plans. HE is capable to use any one of us should we submit to HIS directives. We must at all times be reminded that everything is about GOD. Nothing about us:) HIS great love for us, HE sent HIS son JESUS, and when JESUS ascended, the HOLY SPIRIT came. Once a person becomes born again into the body of CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT gives us the discernment of what is of GOD. This requires prayer also, communing with GOD.

      This is about GOD. A GOD who is almighty, all powerful, awesome in everything. What I do know is that HE can and has the power to use anyone to fulfill HIS will.

      GOD's Blessings.

      Sophia, CT

    3. Thank you for your response Sophia. God Bless.

  4. If there were not so many distractions that are so connvenient to us, maybe our lives wouldn't be so dull and things would be more value.
    I know what I want to say but I am having a hard time saying it.
    Johnny Ft Myers

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  6. Thank You our Lord God . For giving me this chance to prove that I only need you , without my Holy Glory their would so many problems in our lifes . Jesus has promise us deposit of blessing . Our Lord just need us to spread his name . In Jesus Amen !
    Edward 42 Lehigh Acres

  7. To me personal the good smaritan is one of the stories of easter. Jesus did this on purpos because he wanted to bring up a contraversal point if you drink the Living water drawn thruo Me you will never thirst again in the spiritual life. Metaphorically speaking the well will never run dry. And the purpose of that is whithin Christ believing religion that the living well aint just the end to eternal thirst but the spiritual food to satisfy the insatiable hunger for knowledge of good and evil. In a way this speaks volumns of the spiritual food in the beginning, which was the tree of good and evil. Being a food of "choice" it is all connectd to the Creator,then who gave his son,to be the living well to satisfy the thirst.

    Jeremy 34 Ft Myers