Thursday, March 20, 2014

“The Light of Life”

John 8:12
“The Light of Life”

     Again therefore Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

     What is the darkness that Jesus is talking about when He says that we shall not walk in darkness? Jesus is addressing people in this passage who are not understanding that they are talking to God in person. In verse 19 Jesus says, “You know neither Me, nor my Father; if you knew Me, you would know my Father also.”

     Jesus, the very Son of God, is addressing people in person and they cannot understand who they are talking to. Their minds are in darkness. Their sinful nature guides all of their understanding of the conversation and they cannot get past it. 
     Jesus says that if we follow Him we will no longer walk in the darkness of sin which blinds us from seeing Jesus for who He is, the Son of God. We shall have the “Light of Life”.
     Brothers and sisters, how often do we struggle with comprehending that Jesus truly is the Son of God? You see, we are actually struggling with wanting to let go of our sinful nature. As long as we hold onto those pet sins in our lives we remain willingly spiritually blind and walk in a willful darkness. In other words, we like walking in the darkness. Jesus has come to set us free from sin so if we desire to hold onto it we are fighting against the “Light of Life”. In John 3:19-21 Jesus reveals the truth of this. “And this is the judgment, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who practices truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.
     So my word to us today is, “Jesus is the Son of God”. Let us make all diligence to spend time with Him and learn what He expects of us and begin practicing the truth, that is, putting His laws into action in our lives. Let us not walk willfully in anything we know to be sin and if we are having trouble in any area let us confess to a brother or sister that they might be praying for us. I really have found so much victory over sin by making sure that I spend an hour every day with God to seek Him and tell Him that I love Him. You see, when we spend time with Him we are spending time in the “Light of Life”. Jesus is the Light and the more time we spend with Him the less time there is for any darkness to gain control in our lives.
     So let us press into Jesus asking Him to fill us with His Light that it may radiate from our face that all may know that we belong to Jesus!

                  God bless you all!


  1. Dear Jesus.
    Come into my life. I want to make you the Light of my life . I want to think of YOU and pray more throughout my day than I do. Can you please help me do that? I ask you this, through your precious Name. Amen.

    Thanks Seth for the message. And Seth, I have learned prayers are very powerful, especially when 2 or more are gathered. I've learned this personally just recently. Thank you.
    Claudette FL

  2. The darkness Jesus is talking about is how the world is blinded by sin from the truth. I trust and beleive.
    Lisa Sims 38 Fort Myerss Fl

  3. Dear Seth,

    Beautiful and on time message for me.

    Yes, the world is truly blinded by sin. Sin - a disconnect from our Heavenly FATHER. Sin does not allow us to do the things of GOD. JESUS came so as to reconnect us and at the same time recharge us with the HOLY SPIRIT to keep us connected with GOD. I do believe JESUS is GOD's son. GOD said HE would send to mankind one who would help us return to the "fold of GOD". For we, like sheep have gone astray.

    The BIBLE records the life of JESUS as one who was not liked by most people. Why? B/C JESUS allowed their deeds and wrongful doings to come to light.The Scribes and Pharisees tested HIM. But JESUS was Divine and stood to HIS purpose. HE is the LIGHT to bring us out of darkness/sin.
    HE is that Light to help us to see our way back to the fold of GOD.

    Thank GOD for HIS son. JESUS came to a world of darkness so we could see the filthy situations we lived in, and how as we became more disobedient to GOD's will we walked more into this darkness.

    I am thankful to the LORD that today I have accepted HIS light and guidance to get me back to the "fold of GOD"

    GOD's Blessings.

    Sophia, CT

    1. Love your comment Sophia. I also felt a "humbleness" towards our God, by the way you wrote. I beleve the bible keeps talking about this "humbleness" that I see reflected in your words. I was going to say, "how sweet that must be to the Lord. Could it be "A sweet aroma to the Lord?"

  4. I found a great way to spend a whole day with God and keep it as holy as I could. I came across this idea yesterday. I packed my bible, a sketch book, lunch, lawn chair and headed out with my dog Moses to the piers (You can do a park,anywhere surrounded by God's creation).I found a tree, and settled everything down. I spent my time reading the bible, sketching God's creation, and walking it. I fluctuated between the three cause I got an attention deficit.I said to myself, I aint going home because there were too many distractions there that would get my mind off God. Also, I found, I felt good inside spending this time with God and keeping His day holy. I'm going to do this more often.
    Claudette FL

  5. Thank you for coming into my life and for bringing the right man in my life treasa fort myers fl29

  6. It was a very intresting verse god isgood also felt good spending tyme with my father god amen shanetta 24 georgia

  7. This is interesting for we had heard this in a surrmon yesterday at a dinner. Deanna - libby montana.

  8. everyday I ask Jesus to come into my heart and open my eyes to his understanding, that I may walk in truth, and righteousness.,in the light of his word.I lay down all that trys to come upon me and sometimes I just stand, and pray,and praise him and then i am at peace in him

  9. Jesus called us his beloved sheep.He loved his sheep so much that he laided down his life for them.Not wanting any to be lost he counted them.,he watched over them. he provided everything good for we only have to follow him,and walk in the light of his word daily..stepping everyday in faith

  10. Sin puts you in darkness. Darkness is the way of the devil. While you entertain the devil, you're in sin and can't be in the light of Jesus. Marilyn Fort Myers