Thursday, September 25, 2014

Waiting upon the Lord

John 20:29
Waiting upon the Lord

     Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”

     It is a step of faith that Jesus calls us to. Jesus is speaking to Thomas – one of his disciples who spoke out to the others that he would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead unless he was able to see Him in person and put his fingers into Jesus’ wounds. Jesus says to him, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”
     Jesus will often come to our aid in a very visible way and yet there are many times when we are enduring some hardship or period of waiting for something which we have asked Him for and we start to doubt that He will come to our rescue or answer our prayers. We start to doubt even though we have many witnesses to the contrary. We have so many proofs of His faithfulness to keep His promises to us and yet sometimes we are like Thomas and declare that unless we see proof we will not believe that He will do as He said. Jesus words, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed,” is His promise of blessing for us if we hold fast to His promises no matter what things look like. He will come through and take care of whatever it is that we have asked Him for.
     So how does this translate into our everyday walk with God? Well, quite simple really. The Devil is always trying to offer us things that we don’t have to wait for or don’t seem to require any pain to achieve, things that we can have right now if we are willing to overstep a few of God’s laws. He often stirs up our hearts so that there seems to be no other alternative than to do things his way. He likes to fill us with such passion that we refuse to look at the consequences of our actions and do things in the heat of the moment that will cause us a lifetime of misery. God on the other hand, desires for us to have what is truly good for us and part of this is working on our character so that we will not waste what He gives to us, but will make the best use of it. So He allows delays to test us and to work patience and trust in us. God has our eternity in mind when He takes care of us and He is constantly working to conform our character into His image. We are His children forever and so He takes great pains with us to set our lives on a good foundation.
     So how do we hold onto the truth of these things when we are in the midst of a temptation or trial? It seems like it is just too hard to remember when we are fighting with a desire or test and we are contending with our weak nature. The answer is to hold onto God’s love for us and to not be afraid to cry out loud for His help to overcome what we are struggling with. If we cry out, He will refresh our spirit and renew our confidence, and give us a fresh wind to go forth and endure until He has finished all that He is accomplishing in our lives.
     So let us keep eternity in our hearts, and God’s love for us and our love for Him, continually on our minds. A good verse to dwell on is Proverbs 16:17. “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; He who watches his way preserves his life.” 
          God bless!


  1. 1. SHALA
    I really needed to read this. I going through some things. And I started to think it wasn't gonna get any better. But thanks so much for giving me this message. (Received a copy of this message because she asked to keep it. :)

    2. IDA
    I do believe this.

    3. KEYANA
    I think what I read is very true. We don't have to see him to knoww he's here. He gives us what we need. He's always here to help us if we need someone to talk to.

    I thought that its great for people that believe in this type of stuff.

    5. SUE
    Very enlightning.

    6. EDDIE
    Thomas had little faith that's why he didn't believe when he hear that Jesus had risen. God calls us all to have faith in his Son hopefully more than Thomas had.

    7. JESSIE
    God will always be here to show us the way.

    8. MARRYA
    I think that we should put our strenghts and also troubles in the Lord's hands. Just trust him he will make a way.

    9. ASHLEY
    God is good Amen. Inspires people.

    10. JACKIE
    This was very insiring and truthful.

  2. 11. TYRONN
    This was interest fact that easier route can lead to a life misery but the struggle lead to a life time of happiness.

    12. CHRISHAN
    I think it just tells us not to give up. Don't lose.There's going to be times when your in trouble , don't fall into the hands of the devil because God hasn't answered your prayers, have patience he will deliver.

    13. ZAIDA
    Yes it true we think God is not with us but he is.All we got is to have faith and his love is with us always.

    14. DEBBIE
    It is so true just because you can't see doesn't mean it didnt happened. Stay with God and the devil can't hurt you.

    15. AMY
    I agree that we are tempted daily by the devil with choices. I try to make decisions based on what God truely wants for us. It is a daily struggle but I find that when you take God's path there is far less heartbreak/ hardships.

    16. JERMAINE
    This was very encourage and very true cause we can't do it on r own.

    17. ANTOINE
    I am going through hardships right now so this spoke directly to me.

  3. 18. MEAGAN
    This was very well written.

    19. KRISTIN
    I believe what this says that we want proof. The devil shows us but its bad we need to have faith for the good.

    20. KRISTLE
    Felt like I wasn't meant to read this. I myself am struggling right now and have been crying for a long time and he reminds me that he's here whether I see Him or not.

    21. HECTOR
    Makes sense God's way can lead to a fuller more satisfying life.

    22. YURI
    I believe this is very true what I read.

    23. JOSEPH
    I really felt like this passage was a very strong one for me not to give up and I feel better about today. Thank you.

    24. JULISSA
    It's hard to believe when we don't see and why does he let us go thru the suffering that we go thru.

    24.5 THE GO-ER
    Pray for Julissa. I did do some explaining to her questions about God. Pray she turns to Him.

    25. SARA
    I feel this to be true and I sometimes don't have enough Faith and I do need to practice having more faith.

    I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks.

    27. JULIE
    Jesus is with us no matter what we are going through as long as we believe even though we can't see him.

    28. JAY
    I believe if you wait patiently he answers you.

    29. FRAN
    I'm going through things that had me asking God why this was exactly what I needed to read right now! Thank you.

    30. DIONEY
    Don't ever give on faith.

    Everyone who doesn't believe he is coming in my opinion I feel its already starting.

    32. ANDREW
    I believe it is good to know what to hold onto in good and bad.

  4. 33. JEROME
    This is very inspiring.

    34. JESSICA
    Unlike Thomas I believe in Jesus always wether I can see Jesus or not.

    I think this is true. The devil will try his best to corrupt you. But as long as Jesus is by your side we will be fine. :)

    Jesus call us Jesus need us.

    37. SHANNON
    I thought this was powerful and was the truth. It was something worth reading.

    the devil makes everything easy. And to not be afraid to ask God for something because he can help.

    39. JORDAN
    What I read is a good idea.

    40. KARMAN

  5. 41. YOMAIRA
    It was kind of some truthful things.

    42. WINTER
    I agree with what I read. Because of lack of Faith people turn away from God. They go thru hard timed and forget that he will guide them thru it.

    43. EMILY
    Thomas had a right to doubt, it's in human nature. and those doubts were laid to rest when Jesus returned. All in good time, as many say. The good we desire will come with patience and those who accept the devils hand are impatient.

    44. RICHELLE
    Wait on The Lord, and have unspeakable faith. Trust is his Word.

    45. ERIC
    I liked what I read. It true the devil is a lyer.

    46. MARY
    Don't worry or be afraid-have faith that no matter what problems you may face you are never alone-your Father knows all your needs verses your wants in life.

    Very true. Positive message.

    48. TRUDY
    I enjoyed what i read and it is true.

    49. CHRISTY
    Always have faith and never stop believing. Jesus will alwyas be there.

    50. LUANELLY
    This story is very true. I've been threw struggles in my life. I've gotten to the point where I almost lost my life. Before it happened i asked God to get me out of this situation and he gave me a second life another life to live the right way.

    51. TIFFANY
    I agree and actually apply this to my everyday life. i wait patiently because I know God has a plan for me. I dont need to see Him believe He is real.

    52. DERICK
    I think this is the truth. You have to trust just like you trust in love. You cant see love but you know its there just like Jesus or God . God is love.

    53. JUSTIN
    I think what I read is true. You have to believein order for the Lord to save you.

    This was OK

    55. TOYA
    Very inspiring.

  7. 56. LUIS
    This was good. It made sense. I liked it.

    57. JASMINE
    This was good. I thik this should go out in public everyone could read.

    58. MRS
    I believe God is good.

    59. TINA
    The Lord is with you always untill end of time.

    60. KEYLANNA
    Strong info. He is a powerful man you do good he shell do good things for you.

    61. MCKINLEY
    I think God wants the best for us because he knows what we go through.

    62. MARQUES
    God doesn't always hand us what we want but he's always right on time to give us what we need.

    63. TRISH
    This is very poignant, well writen, inspiriing to non believers.

  8. 64. LISSETTE
    I believe in everything I read and its no new to me.

    65. DOROTHY
    Thank you. Its a timely reminder.

    66. GAIL
    Jesus want us to come to him for any and everything we desire instead of looking to what satan might tempt us with.

    67. JENNIFER
    I need more Faith in God. My heart has been broken many ways then one. I need more Faith.

    68. JUNIOR
    I think more people should believe instead of wanting it right away.

    69. RJ
    Patience and prayer will help in the end.

    70. TEA
    I read that God is great and did alot for others.

    71. EBONY
    I believe we will doubt the exisistence but God himself never let you fall as long as you follow his ways and path. Loved it! Thank you!

    72. DIMAY
    I think this is true and we do sometimes follow thestep ofthe devil when it comes to things we don't need, but Jesus is there to bail and save us.

    73. JUSTIN
    Never surrender to the devil.

    74. JENNIFER
    I believe in God and everything he does is real.

  9. 75. MARGARET
    When in doubt and in pain and suffering its ok to cry to Jesus for help.

    76. ANGEL
    I think you chose what to believe and what you see even if you believe it or not.

    77. JANET
    Inspiring. I know I will have a great first day at work. Thank you.

    This is good. I'm a believer.

    79. CHERYL
    I believe God is all around us. Just becausse we do not see him, we feel him.