Thursday, February 5, 2015

In Love With God - lesson 3

In Love With God - lesson 3

                The only thing that I want for this semester 
                is for us to be in love with and on fire for God

                Which means Surrender, Surrender, Surrender!

  Lord pull me into Your throne room! Fill me with your Holy Spirit and set me on fire for you!

  Can you say these words honestly? Is there anything holding you back? In your mind, can you see something that you still don’t want to fully commit to letting go of? If you can say, “Lord help me to want to let that thing go,” you will begin to have victory. The honesty of saying, “I want to want to let go,” is the stepping stone God will use to set you completely free. What follows will be a God given desire to take the next step forward. You will take it with His help. He will take you over the line and into His Presence.

  We must start with the first truly honest ground we have ever tried to stand on. We must say, “Lord, I love my sins but I want to not want them anymore.” This will open the door to our first real freedom to live for Christ. We all have things we love that are not godly. This is the step forward. When He begins to bring conviction, and we begin to be afraid that He is going to make us give up things we love in this present life, instead of being afraid we must just be honest with Him and say it. “Lord I’m afraid of what you might ask of me, please help me to want to let go of whatever you ask.” The Lord will take this timid step you are making and help you to leap over the biggest hurdles between Him and you. It is enough. He will take over from there and will fill you with a true desire to go the rest of the way with Him.

  Lord here I am. Lord Here I am. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and set me on fire for you.

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